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Friday, March 24th, 2017

Security Without Compromise

How enterprises can balance IoT with cloud security

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, VP, Strategic Programs at Fortinet speaks about how enterprises can balance IoT with cloud security. He addresses current issues such as, whether the potential benefits of IoT is worth the security risk, and how businesses can protect themselves from such security risks.


Fabricate and NOT stitch your security for today's hostile threat landscape

Business organizations looking to remain relevant and thrive in the evolving digital economy will do well to reconsider their security strategies to ensure they are well equipped to face the security challenges today and into the future. 

7 Wi-Fi vulnerabilities beyond weak passwords

Using strong encryption and passwords is only the first step in protecting your wireless network. Make sure you’re not exposed in these other ways.


Are companies doing enough on the IoT security front?

We continue to hear dire warnings about the inherent security risks of the Internet of Things (IoT), and indeed IoT-related incidents are happening...

Data breaches through wearables put target squarely on IoT in 2017

Security needs to be baked into IoT devices for there to be any chance of halting a DDoS attack, according to security experts.

Evolving expectations for enterprise security

The threat landscape is ever changing. Enterprises must defend against a range of threats such as zero-day attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs), polymorphic malware, evasion tactics, bots/automated attacks, and insider threats.

One enterprise firewall solution to protect your entire network

Today, the enterprise perimeter has been stretched so far that it’s no longer recognizable.

Transforming your security

Security professionals worry about the expanding network attack surface. Here Fortinet outlines why firewall technology must evolve with the borderless enterprise.

Best UTM solution and Best Next-generation Firewall

Fortinet wins best Unified Threat Management solution and Best Next-generation firewall (joint winner).

Connected medical device makers need to step up security

The internet of things (IoT) shows huge promise in the healthcare sector, but there are serious security implications. Device manufacturers need to do more to secure devices and hospital CIOs need to demand better security.