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Friday, March 24th, 2017

Data encryption and security

Some HTTPS inspection tools might weaken security

Many security products that intercept HTTPS traffic don't properly validate certificates, US-CERT has warned


Hackers use dangerous Petya ransomware in targeted attacks

The attackers patch Petya on the fly to use their own encryption key, bypassing the malware's original creators in the process


Want good cyber insurance? Read the fine print

Experts describe the cyber insurance industry as “healthy and growing.” But they also say that, given a relatively short history of risk and claims data, pricing and exclusions can be all over the map


Hospital devices left vulnerable, leave patients at risk

Report shows how malware sneaks its way past firewalls


What cyberinsurance gotchas companies must be ready for

Cyberinsurance premiums continue to rise in the meantime.


Phishing test results in a barely-passing grade for users

Find out if you, too, would be hooked by these scams.


Professionally designed ransomware Spora might be the next big thing

The new ransomware program features strong offline decryption and a new payment scheme


Chrome bug triggered errors on websites using Symantec SSL certificates

The bug affected Chrome on all platforms, as well as the WebView component on Android


Quantum cryptography makes mission-critical networks secure

Quantum cryptography is poised to be the next bing thing in data encryption and protection. 

Critical flaws found in open-source encryption software VeraCrypt

Many issues were found in the new UEFI bootloader and have been patched in VeraCrypt 1.19