2014 Information Management Awards
The NetworkWorld Asia Information Management Awards, inaugurated in 2012, recognizes Asia's leaders in Information Security, Storage and Data Management for the huge advances made in these fields over the last few years.

These are the only regional Editors' Choice Awards for this mature but growing niche area, backed by leading Asian publications and portals - NetworkWorld Asia, Networks Asia, Security Asia and Storage Asia. The awards are guided by our team of experienced editors with deep and broad industry knowledge, as well as conference producers and a panel of CIO advisers with domain expertise and deep insights in Information Management.

Editors will shortlist 2-3 finalists in some 30 awards categories. The list of finalists will then be put up for online voting. 100 regional CIOs and IT heads of end-user organizations will be invited to vote, and the finalist with the most votes in each category will emerge as the award winner.
  • Reputation of vendor in the marketplace
  • Features and USPs of the solution
  • Widespread acceptance of technology and/or brand
  • Users' feedback on the solution/deployment
  • Durability, scalability and quality of service as contributing factors