2016 is the ‘Year of All-Flash’ for primary storage, says EMC

EMC Corporation has announced a quantum leap forward in its enterprise storage strategy with major additions to its all-flash storage solutions.

The digital transformation sweeping across Asia is spawning an urgent need for businesses to make faster, smarter decisions driven by predictive and actionable insights. According to IDC,  Asia/Pacific organizations that are able to analyze all relevant data and deliver actionable information will achieve an extra US$65 billion in productivity benefits over their less analytically-oriented peers by 2020.

To help organizations succeed in their digital transformation journey, EMC is announcing two latest innovations designed to meet the demands of the Modern Data Center: the VMAX All Flash and DSSD D5.

VMAX All Flash is built to address mission-critical systems and applications, VMAX All Flash is the first-to-market all-flash storage array that delivers maximum processing speed at world-class availability and reliability. VMAX All Flash also helps businesses stay agile and scalable, leveraging on the V-Brick ‘building block’ architecture.

DSSD D5 is a rack-scale flash designed for the most data-intensive applications requiring extreme levels of performance and microseconds latency. This include real-time analytics and simulation, genome research and financial modelling. DSSD D5 benefits organizations across diverse industries currently limited by traditional architectures that were not designed for the extreme performance needs of their business critical applications

The announcement complements all-flash portfolio, purpose-built to address virtually any environment, workload and application. As both the technology and market evolution of SSDs make all-flash arrays cost-effective for general purpose data storage, EMC estimates that by 2020, all storage used for production applications will be flash-based. The company says it will continue to leverage a variety of flash media in its all-flash products to address customer needs for performance, reliability and rich data services at competitive price points.