Actuate integrates BI and SaaS platforms with Amazon’s cloud service

Actuate Corporation has integrated ActuateOne – a suite of commercial products for development and deployment of custom business analytics applications – and BIRT onDemand – a SaaS version of ActuateOne – with Amazon Redshift, AWS’s new petabyte-scale cloud warehouse service.

When the visualization and analysis features of ActuateOne are combined with Amazon Redshift’s performance, scalability and low cost (under US$1,000/terabyte/year) – organizations of all sizes reap the benefits of ultra-fast access and near-speed-of-thought visualization for Cloud-based business analytics on real-time Big Data workloads of any size or complexity, according to the company.

“When integrated with Amazon Redshift, ActuateOne users are suddenly able to scale data at the same rate as ActuateOne scales users,” said Jeff Morris, VP of Product Marketing at Actuate. “Amazon Redshift can improve query performance and deliver data faster to ActuateOne, where it can be intuitively displayed and reconfigured in seconds through drag and drop interfaces to show patterns and anomalies and generate insights that lead to meaningful business improvements. Additionally, Amazon Redshift helps customers overcome one of the Big Issues in Big Data, which is where to put the data: “If not in Hadoop, then where?” With this integration, we enable data already in the cloud to remain there for ActuateOne visualization.”

Amazon Redshift enables customers to scale easily from a single 2TB node up to one hundred 16TB nodes for 1.6PB of compressed user data and ActuateOne makes this data easily available to customers for analysis and visualization. With ActuateOne and BIRT onDemand, customers can quickly and easily access all their Amazon Redshift data.

Another feature of ActuateOne and BIRT onDemand using Amazon Redshift is the data processing speed which enables instant interactivity and “speed of thought” visualizations and insights within ActuateOne from extremely large data sets.

Amazon Redshift requires no upfront payments and enables customers to pay as they go. Amazon Redshift costs less than US$1,000 per TB per year, a tenth the cost of most traditional data warehousing solutions. By eliminating upfront expenses, enabling customers to get started with a 2TB data warehouse for less than a dollar an hour and allowing them to easily resize their clusters as needed, Amazon Redshift dramatically lowers the cost of data warehousing for customers.

ActuateOne running with Amazon Redshift enables organizations to visualize and analyze data of any volume or complexity from virtually any source including Twitter, Facebook, print archives and machine log data. ActuateOne deploys in any environment – on premise and in private- or public clouds – and supports web-based and mobile BI on the Apple iPad and iPhone, as well as on Android phones and tablets. Actuate’s experience, proven capabilities and flexible architecture make it a clear choice for organizations looking to strengthen their data visualization and analysis capabilities for better profitability.