AliCloud expands HK data center to boost regional cloud adoption

AliCloud has completed the expansion of its data center operations in Hong Kong by establishing and operating a second availability zone to address increasing demand for cloud computing resources in the Asia Pacific, which includes enterprise-class availability and disaster recovery.

AliCloud has also provided an English website tailored for international customers, providing English product descriptions and support for USD payments.

AliCloud’s second data center in Hong Kong is designed with multiple redundancies and points  of failure for increased reliability, surpassing Tier 3 standards with 99.99% availability and a high level of security. The data center is connected to cities in Southeast Asia,  using the border gateway protocol (BGP) to provide high-speed, low-latency services.

AliCloud established its first data center in Hong Kong in May 2014. The company has since set up two data centers in Silicon Valley and one in Singapore. AliCloud currently has regional nodes in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Singapore, and the United States. New data centers are also planned for Japan, Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere.

“The need for a truly global cloud computing platform is still on the upswing as can be seen from AliCloud’s overseas business volumes, which have increased more than four times compared to last year,” AliCloud Vice President Ethan Sicheng Yu said. Yu added that the new availability zone can be deployed for high availability and disaster recovery while providing users with enhanced cloud and big data services.

LinkByNet, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and LongTu Game are some organizations which are using AliCloud cloud computing services via its Hong Kong nodes.

Hong Kong-based Peraudeau recently commented that it is increasingly imperative for cloud service providers to provide global coverage, and acknowledged AliCloud’s focus on enhancing its global network and providing more premium quality services around the world. “From our perspective, AliCloud enables us to provide businesses with a global platform, so that customers can leverage on our services worldwide,” said LinkByNet Asia-Pacific GM Bruno Peraudeau.

At present, Hong Kong AliCloud cloud server nodes support Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Relational Database Service (RDS), Object Storage Service (OSS), Server Load Balancer, Cloud Monitoring System, Cloud Shield and other services. Proprietary virtual private cloud (VPC) network services are being planned to meet more sophisticated user requirements.

Data from research firm IDC shows that the public cloud market for Asia Pacific, including Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and other Asia Pacific countries, is estimated to be worth US$2.4 billion in 2016 and US$3.55 billion by 2018. Growth rates are significantly higher in Asia Pacific than for the global public cloud computing market, reflecting the huge market potential in the region.