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Monday, May 27th, 2019

Broadband your WAN

Aramex reduces WAN costs while scaling up connectivity with SD-WAN

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Aramex, a global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, has deployed Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution, to scale up the organisation’s branch office application performance and connectivity.

The EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution delivers easy-to-deploy, inexpensive broadband connectivity to branch offices while ensuring data and applications are secure and perform to user expectations.

SD-WAN solutions are fast gaining ground with enterprises around the world and represent a nascent market that IDC predicts will reach $6 billion by 2020.

With over 17,000 employees working across 575 distinct locations spanning 70 countries, Aramex sees high volumes of data being transferred and shared across its wide area network, with a need for increased agility.

The zero-touch nature of the high-performance EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution injects the flexibility that Aramex needs to continue to expand into new, unchartered areas.

With advanced software capabilities like path conditioning and dynamic path control, the IT organisation can now deliver total performance over MPLS and broadband and steer real-time traffic over any available link based on company-defined business intent policies, assuring both application and network performance.

“The high cost and limited capacity of WAN-connectivity at our remote sites was becoming restrictive to our business. Silver Peak has delivered reliable performance and automation at our remote sites, freeing us up to open the doors to more locations. With its zero-touch deployment model and its dynamic path conditioning feature, EdgeConnect automates manual and time-consuming issues while delivering increased performance and control,” notes Samer Awajan chief technology officer, Aramex.

As application migration from the data center to the cloud continues to accelerate, it’s driving the need for geographically distributed enterprises like Aramex to re-evaluate their networking requirements, including the adoption of broadband to connect users to applications.

"With the Silver Peak SD-WAN virtual overlay, Aramex has reshaped how it connects its people to applications across hundreds of branch office locations, realizing significant cost savings without compromising network or application performance,” said John Vincenzo, senior vice president and CMO, Silver Peak.