Asian customers welcome Asia’s first OpenStack hybrid cloud offering from Rackspace

With Rackspace Hosting launching Rackspace Hybrid Cloud, – possibly Asia’s first hybrid cloud powered by OpenStack – this week, organizations in the region now have access to the power of open standards to enjoy freedom from vendor lock-in as they make their journey to faster innovation through cloud computing.

The solution encompasses public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers, working alone or together in any combination in a unified infrastructure, all backed by Rackspace’s support services, known as Fanatical Support, which comes with high uptime guarantees, industry leading service-level-agreements and 24x7x365 support for all types of businesses and industries.

Asia Miles, an Asian travel reward program, has chosen Rackspace for its scalability and flexibility to host its social media applications and campaigns. Rackspace enables the company to tailor its architecture to create the best fit for its unique set of applications and workloads.

“It gives us maximum adaptability in meeting our business needs and growth demand in the social landscape,” said Grace Poon, brand and digital marketing manager at Asia Miles.

In its 11th year as a customer of Rackspace, People Interactive is in the business of connecting people. The India-based company operates, an online matchmaking platform with 50 matchmaking centers across India and 20 million users to date, as well as a mobile app store for apps, music, games and ringtone downloads.

“We have 100 IT staff, of which 70 of them are developers. We don’t keep any system administrators as Rackspace is handling the infrastructure for us,” said Ajay Poddar, assistant vice president for technology at People Interactive. 

Today, alone runs on more than 50 servers out of the total of more than 100 that People Interactive has hosted with Rackspace.

The company currently adopts Rackspace’s open source hybrid cloud solution to support its highly fluctuating traffic demand, which can vary from 10,000 concurrent users in the morning to 100,000 concurrent users in the late evening on a daily basis. With this traffic pattern, runs on Rackspace Hybrid Cloud in burst mode in the evenings and back to dedicated on-premise machines in the mornings.

“The use of hybrid cloud keeps us competitive and our service charges low,” said Ajay.

According to Ajay, charges users US$50 every three months. All server infrastructure is owned and managed by Rackspace. This ensures that newer and more powerful technologies no longer mean headaches for People Interactive in owning, updating, and upgrading its infrastructure.

He said that, as a truly hybrid cloud user, data security and privacy issues are taken care of, as People Interactive’s apps run in the cloud, but its data remain inhouse. Rackspace provides IDS, firewall, and web protection for both its inhouse and hosted infrastructure.

Alan Perkins, CTO of Rackspace, added: “Hybrid cloud allows us to do those things that don’t fit into the public cloud effectively. It offers flexibility to scale when needed while enjoying business agility. Privacy and data sovereignty issues – whether regulatory compliance and governance, or just corporate policies – can be resolved through hybrid cloud.”

Rackspace’s data centers in the Asia Pacific region are based in Hong Kong and Sydney. “With Rackspace even closer to home in Asia now, that also means faster online speed for our customers, as latency issues are better resolved,” said Ajay.

Perkins concluded: “Forgetting all about your infrastructure is what the concept of cloud is all about.” And the epitome of that concept is the hybrid cloud.