Atos brings password-free logins to both cloud and on-premises applications

Atos launches Evidian Enterprise Single Sign-On as-a-Service (E-SSO aaS), through Bull, its brand for HPC and cybersecurity products. The solution enables users to access their applications, without the need to enter passwords, on both Cloud-based and on-premises applications.

Evidian Enterprise Single Sign-On as-a-Service (E-SSO aaS) provides end-users with Single Sign-On access to both web and non-web applications, thus simplifying their daily lives by eliminating the need to constantly remember and re-enter passwords. Additionally it reduces resource on Security Management teams to manage password retrieval and renewal. 

Security Managers have the assurance of reinforced security of application access and are able to lower helpdesk cost (employee lost password and locked account helpdesk calls reduced by up to 30%) and improve user efficiency. With the increasing number Cloud-based applications being used, secure access management which automates user access for both web and non-web applications, is essential.

This hybrid offer complies with GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation), CNIL and other regulations. It is based on Evidian Enterprise Single Sign-On, a leading product in the Single Sign-On (SSO)/IAM market. Evidian IAM solutions have been ranked by European analyst KuppingerCole as Overall Leader, Product Leader and Innovation Leader.

The new solution is available now on Windows workstations and iOS and Android mobile devices.