Australian digital tourism agency fast-tracks new listing platform with DevOps

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) has used a DevOps methodology in the cloud to create a new centralised listing platform.

The ATDW is the national platform for digital tourism information on Australia. The introduction of ATDW-Online will better connect and promote the tourism industry by offering all operators access to its advanced digital marketing capability.

ATDW is collectively owned by all state and territory tourism organisations, and the new online platform replaces eight different legacy systems owned and managed by individual state offices. The database supports almost 40,000 listings across 10 product categories, and is published by over 150 online distributors, websites and apps.

In particular, the platform is expected to greatly benefit the tens of thousands of small ‘mum and dad’ travel operators with limited access to digital marketing resources.

“We wanted something easier for the entire tourism industry to get full use of – from the large operators, right down to the ‘mum and dad’ style operators in outback NSW. Now they can get their product loaded and distributed nationally and internationally in a very simple format,” Mark Williams, chief executive of ATDW told CIO Australia.

ATDW-Online went live on February 22, starting with just Tourism Australia listings, followed by a staggered state-by-state roll-out.