Biggest cloud adoption barriers in S’pore: Budget and tech

Singapore businesses are aware of the need for digitalisation and cloud adoption to increase productivity and drive business growth, but budget and technology integration remains a big obstacle for cloud adoption, according to a survey conducted by cloud advisory and solutions firm Alpha7.

The survey, conducted at Alpha7’s Digital HR Transformation workshop in June, covered more than business leaders from a variety of industries, including construction, retail and professional services, with representatives from SMEs to large MNCs.

Seven in 10 business leaders said that cloud adoption is urgent now and over the next two years to support business growth; three in four stated they have no plans, or have just started on their digital transformation journey. Respondents also said the top obstacles towards cloud adoption are budget (26 per cent), followed by technology integration (21 per cent).

Respondents also provided additional insight into the readiness of cloud adoption in Singapore. 60 per cent stated that Singapore is competitive in cloud adoption as compared with other countries in the region, and nearly half (45 per cent) said that their own organisations are ready for cloud adoption. They also specified that Operations (25 per cent), finance (23 per cent) and HR (19 per cent) were the business functions identified as most important for automation.

Alpha7, which has been helping small- and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises with digital transformation and cloud adoption since 2014, concludes that businesses are still not ready across people, processes, and technology.

“We feel the real issue here is people. Key decision makers don’t know how or what to do, or where to start, and this affects their expectations of budget and integration,” said CEO of Alpha7 Lynette Seah. “The first step to addressing a problem is to admit that you don’t know what you don’t know, and to seek help to cover those knowledge gaps in this digital age.”