Bitdefender acquires analytics firm RedSocks Security

Cyber security vendor Bitdefender has acquired Netherlands-based network security analytics start-up RedSocks.

The move comes just one month after the Romanian firm bought its Australia and New Zealand distribution partner, SMS eTech, in a bid to establish its presence in the region.

The purchase will see all of RedSocks assets, customers and employees become part of the Bitdefender Group, with the office becoming known as Bitdefender Netherlands.

Meanwhile, RedSocks’ analytics capabilities will be combined with Bitdefender’s GravityZone, a cloud-based security solution aimed at cash-strapped IT teams, to create a deeper awareness of potential threats, according to the company. 

Although RedSocks currently has no direct presence in the Australian market, Bitdefender noted that the market was among the top six for the firm.

“The acquisition will strengthen the brand’s product portfolio globally and builds on the product offering available to Australian customers,” a spokesman said in an interview.

RedSocks CTO Pepijn Janssen said that when the company started in 2012, the goal was to build solutions that would serve any type of organisation and offer them value for the long term.

“Together with Bitdefender, we will now achieve that goal. We are extremely proud to be acknowledged by and part of a visionary, cyber security company like Bitdefender,” Janssen  said.

In Australia, Bitdefender will continue to operate under the brand of the Melbourne-based SMS eTech, which currently remains an independent entity.

Currently SMS eTech employs four people under the leadership of general manager Colin Westbury, who will continue to work for Bitdefender for the next two years under his current title.

The Australian branch of Bitdefender will be fully independent starting February 2019, the company confirmed in an interview.