Building a cloud that fits

BMC announces that the upcoming version of its Cloud Lifecycle Management solution is now available to an exclusive group of enterprises and service providers.
The new capabilities of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management are designed to enable cloud administrators to easily and flexibly customize their cloud to meet business users’ demands, while concurrently maintaining control and reducing complexity.
The upcoming release of BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management solution introduces the industry’s first, purpose-built, platform-agnostic Service Governor, which is a powerful tool that applies IT policies to automatically guide the initial placement and ongoing management of cloud services, rather than requiring manual effort. This solution is designed to support heterogeneity and prevent lock-in in both public and private cloud environments.
The Service Governor is supported by a robust Service Blueprint abstraction architecture. Service Blueprints define the structure, configuration and interconnectivity between components of a single or multi-tier application. Each cloud service can be sized upon deployment to accommodate different resource needs and scalability requirements.
The enhanced solution is designed to support customization of clouds, rigorous control of cloud services and choice of platforms and hardware, all to best meet the organization’s business needs.
“Enterprises want the benefits of cloud computing using their existing IT infrastructure, and not have to rip-and-replace in order to evolve to the cloud,” said Donna Scott, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, Inc. “As a result, enterprises should assess solutions on their ability to work with existing infrastructure as well as offer both standardized and customized cloud solutions.”