CA tool predicts and prevents potential problems in the data center

CA Technologies has announced a new version of CA Workload Automation iDash to help customers predict and prevent potential problems across mainframe, distributed and cloud environments and reduce IT downtime.

New predictive analytics are designed to give IT departments the intelligence needed for optimum management and control of workload priorities in the dynamic data center, allowing them to adapt to rapidly changing enterprise demands and opportunities.

“Customers need tools to predict and prevent potential IT problems before they impact business productivity, revenue and customer loyalty,” said Hallmi Hamdi, Director, Mainframe Solution, Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies.  “CA offers the power of predictive analytics to help IT more quickly respond to changing priorities and minimize business disruption.” 

This release of CA Workload Automation iDash adds support for CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition. It helps monitor the health of workload performance, and manage and report on service levels, trends and predictions. When used in a multi-platform environment, CA Workload Automation iDash delivers an intelligent, cross-enterprise workload automation solution.

“Agile, flexible, dynamic data center operations are critical to driving a positive customer experience,” said Torsten Volk, research director, Enterprise Management Associates. “The predictive analytics coming from CA Workload Automation iDash play a critical role in successful workload automation processes and the delivery of improved service levels, better SLA performance, improved application availability and reducing the risk of job failures.”

“CA Workload Automation iDash will help our customers visualize, monitor, analyze and predict the performance of their critical workloads, giving them the flexibility to respond to business needs across the rapidly changing and dynamic data center,” said Antony Askew, CA Technologies Practice Manager at Extra Technology, a CA Technologies global partner. “With CA Technologies we’re delivering the best value to our mutual customers by offering an expanded portfolio of unified cross-enterprise workload services designed for fast business reaction with minimal risk.”

“A smooth-running IT operation is critical for success in today’s marketplace where IT may be the lifeblood of the business,” said Murray Martin, vice president, Sales and Marketing, MVS Solutions Inc., a CA technology partner. “We expect the analytics CA Technologies now provides for CA 7 will greatly improve business responsiveness at high speed, low cost and minimal risk.”