China Motor employs cloud computing to manage multinational operations

China Motor is employing SmartCLOUD, taking advantage of the platform’s dense network and ubiquitous bandwidth in the Greater China Region. The firm has incorporated its ERP system into 40 branch offices in Greater China, establishing a foundation to develop the new market, while enhancing management efficiency and reducing HR costs.

China Motor was established in 1969 and began technology exchanges with Mitsubishi Motors in 1970 to produce a variety of car and motorcycle parts. Upholding its principles of harmony, innovation, excellence, and HIT, China Motor continues to pursue innovation as it produces high quality vehicles and vehicle components.

In 2006, China Motor gradually began expanding overseas. It established Southeast Motor Corp (Soueast) in China under a joint venture and exports finished vehicles and automobile parts. With its base in Taiwan, it searches the world for business opportunities. In 2008, China Motor began developing electric vehicles, marking the company’s entry into the new field of green energy where it has continued to maintain its high standards in motor vehicle manufacturing and quality control.

Cloud Computing for New Market Solutions

China Motor sells products in China, requiring that the company shares information with over 40 points in the country. To effectively manage sales channels in China, the Information Departments have expanded and operate the company’s ERP program in branch offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and many Chinese provinces.

China Motor China Motor’s Information Department specialist Ting Jen-Liang (Edwin) pointed out, “There are two traditional solutions for these types of situations. First, setting up data centers at each branch. Second, transferring information via a network back to the head office in Taiwan where it is dealt with. The first is too expensive, especially because you have to set aside parts of buildings to house the computers, to manage and maintain the hardware, and to hire IT personnel.

“This option not only has low return on investment, it also produces many management issues. The second option above is even less ideal, because network connections between Taiwan and China are unstable and the broadband is unable to handle large numbers of users. Unstable connections often make it impossible to transfer operations-related information back to Taiwan in a timely manner. We had to discard both options and find a better, more cost effective solution.”

Due to many considerations and after much testing, China Motor opted to employ the CITIC Telecom CPC SmartCLOUD and set up its ERP system on the SmartCLOUD platform, connected to TrueCONNECT MPLS VPN to provide its offices in Greater China stable network connections and ample broadband, enabling staff in China to quickly and easily access ERP.

High ROI on IT services

China Motor’s ERP services have been extended throughout Greater China, so information not only needs to flow among Chinese provinces, but also to be backed up in Taiwan with a consolidated database. SmartCLOUD’s enterprise-grade cloud computing provides firms an exclusive information pool, an exclusive TrueCONNECT MPLS VPN transnational network, and tight information security services.

Once online, the service is stable and broadband ample, ensuring that the operation information of each branch in China is stable and secure, can be consolidated and transferred back to the Taiwan. Since its installation two years ago, branches in China have not experienced any problems, such as stoppage of services.

In addition, SmartCLOUD is able to rapidly adjust systems resources at any time depending on actual need, allowing China Motor to accurately control costs in this new market. It increases or decreases cloud memory, engages/disengages processors, and adjusts network bandwidth as needed. It even sets up new virtual mainframes in just minutes. So whether from the perspective of IT management or overall cost control, SmartCLOUD is a practical and effective option.

Friendly cloud computing technicians are also standing by ready to help, offering assistance with everything from appraisal, making recommendations, and installment to post-installment management, providing the firm face-to-face service.

Cloud Gives Business Edge, Boosts Sales

The cooperation with CITIC Telecom CPC was smooth and after China Motor tried out the SmartCLOUD, it realized that the cloud computing services meshed well with the company’s business development model, it plans to pursue further cooperation with them. To that end, it is performing numerous tests and evaluating a variety of systems which it will upload to SmartCLOUD . Ting explained that the China Motor website’s need for server capacity greatly increases when the company holds sales promotions or rolls out new vehicles, gobbling up much of the server resources needed by the company internally for normal operations, so we are evaluating which of our programs for communications will be placed on the cloud togive us flexibility in terms of adjusting computing resources and broadband. Due to its need for flexibility, China Motor will develop an increasingly stable partnership with CITIC Telecom CPC.

“CITIC Telecom CPC is privileged to be chosen by China Motor for their expansion in Greater China Region. This an affirmation of our high commitment to service excellence and track record of exceeding customer’s expectations,” said Jason Chu, Country Manager, CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited Taiwan Branch Office.