Chinese school transforms its network from a problem into an asset

With approximately 34,800 students and staff engaged in a wide range of data-intensive research and educational activities, Ocean University of China – which has three campuses in the coastal city of Qinqdao – needed to replace its legacy network to support growth in its student body and ever increasing data traffic driven by media-rich content. As well as introducing greater network performance and scalability, OUC’s aim was to reduce complexity and operational costs with an overall comprehensive solution that was secure and easy to deploy and maintain.

To address this need, OUC, which specializes in oceanography and fisheries science, migrated its campus core network to an integrated Juniper routing, switching and security solution, including a new data center that features a high-performance, low-latency and highly-secure network infrastructure. 

The deployment of Juniper Networks MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers, EX Series Ethernet Switches and SRX Series Services Gateways have enabled OUC to simplify its network while increasing capacity, flexibility and reliability.

With routing performance that scales up to 5.3 terabits per second (Tbps), Juniper Networks MX960 routers – located at each of the OUC’s campuses – provide a massive foundation for the campus network core.  Meanwhile, the Broadband Remote Access Server functionality also reduces administrative workload and enables quality-of-service management.

An additional MX960 Universal Edge Router together with redundant Juniper Networks SRX5600 Services Gateways (each capable of 100 Gbps of firewall throughput), support and secure the OUC’s connection to the Internet.

Within its data center, OUC deployed Juniper Networks EX8208 switches to form a highly-scalable network core, with EX4200 switches deployed as top-of-rack access devices.  The EX4200 switches are deployed in a Virtual Chassis configuration, which enables them to be managed collectively as a single, logical switch sharing a common IP address and operating system.  By eliminating the need for an aggregation switching layer, the two-layer data architecture enabled by Juniper’s Virtual Chassis technology reduces capital and operational costs while delivering low-latency, wire-speed performance.

 Juniper Networks SRX3600 Services Gateways, connected to the EX8208 switches over 4x10GbE link aggregation groups, provides a fully-redundant and secure data center firewall that scales up to 55 Gbps.

With the Juniper Networks Junos operating system running across all routing, switching and security platforms, OUC’s network administrators benefit from a streamlined management process that orchestrates network configuration and security across the entire network infrastructure, increasing uptime and performance.

“For OUC to be a success it is important that we have a first-class campus network and data center strategy. Juniper Networks has transformed our network from a problem into an asset. We now have a simplified, yet cost-effective high-performance solution that was easy to deploy and is easy to maintain,” says Xin Hua Long, Director, Network Information Center, Ocean University of China.