Cloud-enterprise integrations readied for Amazon EC2 users

Cast Iron Systems is looking to make it easier for users of cloud applications on the Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) to integrate with their in-house enterprise systems.

In an announcement scheduled for Tuesday, Cast Iron will offer its Cast Iron Cloud platform on EC2, said Chandar Pattabhiram, vice president of channel and product marketing at Cast Iron. The intent is to help EC2 customers solve data migration problems faster and provide integrations between hosted and in-house applications, Pattabhiram said. Cast Iron offers integration templates for users to follow, which provide a wizard-based approach to configuration application integrations.
Cast Iron, which also offers an appliance-based integration paradigm, sees a growing need for integration between the cloud and on-premise systems.
“There are a lot of companies today who operate in a hybrid world,” he said. Users must make cloud and on-premise applications talk to each other, he said. Surveys have shown integration is the top problem with companies that shy away from the cloud and also is the top reason companes move away from the cloud, Pattabhiram said.
Cast Iron will offer its service on a subscription basis, starting at $500 per month for an endpoint. The company also will partner with Amazon to market its services to Amazon cloud customers. A Webinar is planned for September 24 to promote the partnership.