Cut out noisy co-workers with the Jabra Evolve 75

Research recently conducted by Jabra showed that 78 per cent of office workers believe their productivity is negatively impacted by on-site noise, while as much as 24 minutes is lost each day due to workplace interruptions. A headset uniquely qualified to tackle the problems of today’s open offices, the Evolve 75 hopes to give users their own virtual private space at the flip of a switch, while still maintaining the collaborative potential that open offices offer.

Jabra’s new wireless headset, the Evolve 75 represents a new high for office workers. It also sports Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and an integrated ‘do not disturb’ busylight to keep co-workers at bay.

Certified by most major Unified Communications platforms, such as Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx, and Google Hangouts, the Evolve 75 is also compatible with Jabra Direct – Jabra’s comprehensive cloud-based software that lets users extensively customize their headset.

Unlike the Evolve 65 and 80, the Evolve 75 has Open Office and Outdoor certifications from Microsoft’s Skype for Business Certification Program. Due to the vast number of products endorsed for Skype for Business, the quality of these products ends up varying wildly. This has led Microsoft to introduce their new Skype for Business Certification Program, which brings with it more stringent requirements for certification.

Products seeking to get certified for Skype for Business must now pass two tests in the Open Office and Outdoor categories. To pass the Open Office test, a microphone must not pick up chatter from adjacent users, making it usable in crowded offices like call centres, where multiple people are speaking. Meanwhile, the Outdoor test pits products against several different noise profiles, ranging from a cafeteria to the inside of a car to a railway station. A headset should be able to effectively cancel out ambient noise and maintain audio clarity in all of the above situations. The Evolve 75 is thus far the only wireless ANC headset to receive both the Open Office and Outdoor certifications.

The Jabra Evolve 75 is available from today at an MSRP of SGD 512.53 (incl. charging stand) and SGD 434.42 (excl. charging stand).