Dell targets mid market with SC4000 storage

Dell is going after the mid-market with its new SC4000 series of storage arrays.

Dell storage vice-president and general manager, Alan Atkinson, said the concept behind the products is “disrupting the economics of enterprise storage.”

“For organisations it’s not a product discussion but an economic one,” he said.

Atkinson said it was important to disrupt the price point in order to catch the interest of the mid market.

“With SC4000 we’re extending enterprise level storage to the mid tier,” he said.

To illustrate his point, Atkinson points to research by IDC that found the world’s data is growing by 490 per cent annually, yet budgets are only growing by three per cent.

“That doesn’t match up very well and something has to change,” he said.

Pushing flash

The series consists of a standard disc based version, as well as all flash variant.

Dell has high expectations for the all flash version in the SC4000 series, particularly from a pricing perspective.

Atkinson shared that Dell is now shipping seven times more flash storage than ever before.

“More than any other storage model, flash is now the number one selling drive type for us,”

The flash based SC4000 is positioned by Dell as at full featured, all flash array in the sub US$100,000 bracket.

“Until now, if you wanted to get this type storage, it came with a certain price point,” he said.

The Dell Storage SC4000 Series will be available first in the Asia Pacific region from May 2014, with worldwide availability planned for later in the year.