Disk and Cloud adoption leaving tape in the dust: CloudRecover


Businesses are more open to using the Cloud for outsourcing tech components of their infrastructure than ever before, according to CloudRecover CEO, Mac Thompson.

For that reason businesses are turning to third party providers to do their backup, even if they have their own proprietary infrastructure.

“Firstly because it saves them money and time, but there is also some security in that arrangement,” he said.

“Another provider involved with the security of their data as opposed to their outsourcer or own IT department.”

Thompson said that by having an “extra player in the field,” it provides businesses with an added “level of comfort”.

When it comes to explaining the shift from in-house tape to outsource disk and Cloud backup, Thompson simplifies it down to cost.

“Cost drives everything,” he said.

“If you look at the price of backup software and the price of that, as well as tapes and off-site storage, it’s pretty expensive.”

Down with tape

While traditionally tape has been attractive to businesses because the data could be encrypted more easily, the downside was that backup windows were long.

“However, by putting it to disk, you narrow the backup windows and also benefit from encrypted data,” Thompson said.

For that reason, he sees the shift to disk and Cloud backup as a win-win situation.

“You get multiple copies, lower backup window, get encrypted data, and it is cheaper,” he said.

“With all of those advantages, it is no surprised that tape is rapidly disappearing.”