Employees in Singapore lack the tools for effective collaboration

Employers in Singapore are not providing the right tools for employees to effectively collaborate and communicate internally across the organization, as well as externally with customers, according to Avaya.

Results from a nationwide survey conducted by YouGov, based on interviews with 507 employees, highlight that the communications and collaboration tools their workplaces provide are not mobile-friendly and are not embedded into the applications and browsers that employees “live in” every day.

Nearly one quarter (24% ) of employees say their employers do not provide the right technology tools for effective communication.

The survey focuses on three key areas of concern as companies seek more collaborative communications tools in the workplace: being able to work seamlessly across any device of their choice, having access to emails, shared files and tele or video-conferencing facilities to manage work related calls, and finally easy access to collaboration tools.

As technology reshapes the workforce, employees are relying on a patchwork of mobile and cloud-based collaboration applications to keep up with the changing work environment.

Nearly two in every five of office workers (39% ) spend an average of eight working days away from their desks in a typical month and need easy access to tele- or video-conferencing facilities to manage work related calls, as well as access to emails and shared files on the go.

Office workers want independent access to email on their mobile phones (37%), calling and mobile data packages (43%), and remote access to file servers and databases (43%) from their mobile devices or outside the company network.

Further, less than one in three have access to third-party conference calling solutions (32%), video conference facilities (27%) and desktop conference facilities (23%).

Employees also want to be able to work effectively and seamlessly on device of their choice – desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet. Only 30% of full time employees in Singapore are currently able to.

As for opportunities, more than half (53%) surveyed would build communication and collaboration abilities into existing enterprise apps (click-to-call through email; join conference call through calendar, etc.) and an overwhelming 71% said that a technology-assisted environment can help employees to be more productive.