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Saturday, May 27th, 2017

Data Center and Infrastructure

Equinix launches data center monitoring software platform

Equinix launches data center monitoring software platform

Equinix, Inc. has announced that it is offering IBX SmartView  a data center monitoring software platform that gives transparency to a global deployment across Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX data centers, enabling enterprises to proactively plan and optimize operations.

The software platform reduces risk by giving a high degree of visibility into real-time operating and environmental conditions, which ensures high availability of services and faster application response times.

Digital transformation is pushing enterprises to move to a globally distributed architecture so they can better interconnect people, locations, clouds and data at the edge of corporate networks. IBX SmartView provides the capability to precisely monitor and forecast utility usage across a customer’s global IBX footprint. Power, mechanical and environmental conditions are measured in real-time, so customers can make immediate changes to their equipment or configuration. This eliminates infrastructure-monitoring gaps and enables customers to manage distributed operations with clarity and ease.

With the software, Equinix IBX customers can immediately view the status of the utility power, generators, cooling systems, temperature, humidity, and power draw of each cage and IBX roll-up. Information is distributed via real-time event and alarm notifications for online and offline use.

Disaster recovery options also alert customers in case of natural disasters, out-of-band events and status changes. This allows Equinix and customer on-call technicians to monitor the situation closely and/or move applications away from the affected IBX data center until operations return to normal – significantly reducing (or eliminating) any potential negative impact on operations.

IBX SmartView is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, available through the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP). Measurements include utility feeds, switch gears, generators, UPSs, static switches, chillers, cooling plans and air handling units. In addition, IBX SmartView provides cage- and cabinet-specific trends as well as real-time information.

IBX SmartView is now available in Singapore’s SG2 and SG3 – and its scheduled to be available at SG1. Other global IBX’s that currently offer the solution include Chicago, Dallas, Silicon Valley and Washington D.C.

It will continue to be rolled out in a phased approach globally, with plans to deploy in Atlanta, New York, Seattle, Toronto, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Zurich, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Shanghai, Sydney and Tokyo later this year.