Free version of CA’s Nimsoft Monitor aimed at SMBs

CA Technologies has announced the availability of CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap—a free, feature-rich version of the CA Nimsoft Monitor solution.

Designed for emerging enterprises and departmental/line- of-business customers, CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap enables resource-constrained customers to quickly achieve enterprise-class visibility into the health of the diverse IT resources that support delivery of their business-critical IT services.

Unlike existing freeware, freemiums, time-limited trials, open-source tools or mid-market commercial products, CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap can be up and running in as little as an hour, rather than requiring extensive setup and configuration.

CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap provides robust performance and availability monitoring capabilities for network resources, physical and virtual servers, storage, databases and more in a single, fully-integrated solution—in marked contrast to other vendor offerings that require multiple products with varying levels of integration.

CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap is free for up to 30 monitored devices each with unlimited monitors—not a limited time-trial.

“Until today, under-resourced customers faced an unacceptable choice between non-integrated ‘point’ monitoring tools, technically challenging open-source code, and conventional enterprise-class technology that cost too much and took too long to implement,” said Stephen Miles, Vice President, Service Assurance, Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies. “With CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap, these customers finally have a solution that genuinely meets their specific needs.”

CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap addresses the needs of emerging enterprises—which lack the resources of their large corporate counterparts, but are no less dependent on the health of their IT environments.  It also gives large enterprise IT organizations and departmental IT service teams the unique opportunity to adopt next-generation management technology without cost or unnecessary risk—allowing them to more aggressively drive down operational costs and better safeguard service delivery as their IT environments become increasingly dynamic.

CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap provides dashboards, alarms and guided workflows to help users quickly pinpoint and resolve issues. It also features built-in “tips and tricks” and best practices that flatten users’ learning curves and speed time-to-value.

“Historically, there has been a fairly significant disconnect between the low appetite of emerging enterprises for management overhead and the high cost/complexity of the tools they required to adequately safeguard their critical IT services,” said Jim Frey, Vice President, Research, EMA.  “CA Technologies is clearly attempting to address this market disconnect with both CA Nimsoft Monitor and its new introductory �?Snap’ version.”

Reaction from beta testers of CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap has been positive.

“We evaluated SolarWinds and Spiceworks, but found CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap to be the fastest and easiest to download, install and configure,” said Deke Rhinehart, IT Director/Director Digital Media at The Zone Corporation.  “That zero-headache implementation is of major value to a time-strapped IT department like ours.”