Fujitsu launches cloud services in Thailand; targets Japanese SMBs

Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Systems Business (Thailand) Ltd. have launched a cloud service that will deliver private cloud environments from its datacenter in Thailand. The service will be targeting Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises based in Thailand.

The company says the service is ideal for customers who want to start small in terms of an ICT environment but quickly build their capabilities, customers who want to use IT as a service without owning their own servers and other equipment, and customers who are newly entering the Thai market and want to hold their initial ICT investments to a minimum.

Fujitsu has until now offered datacenter services at over 100 locations worldwide – including 68 in Japan and at over 40 other countries – from four main datacenters. Two of these datacenters in Japan, as well as at primary locations outside Japan – the U.K., Germany, Singapore, Australia and the U.S. – provide cloud services. Since establishing a datacenter in Thailand in 2008, Fujitsu has been offering customers in that market, mainly affiliates of Japanese companies, a secure computing environment and high-quality operations management services.

Today, with a surge in new companies entering the Thai market, there is a strong need for highly reliable ICT services and platforms that deliver high availability. In addition, continued concerns about flooding and other potential risks have spurred an increasing need for comprehensive countermeasures to maintain ICT continuity.

Previously, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Systems Business (Thailand) had proposed cloud services from Japan or Singapore for customers in Thailand. Now, however, the Fujitsu datacenter in Thailand has been equipped with a private cloud platform (hosted service) to offer highly reliable ICT services through its new cloud service. This service will be known more broadly as the FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Private Cloud service, offered under the FUJITSU Cloud Initiative, Fujitsu’s new systematic approach to cloud products and services announced May 14, 2013.

By using this service, customers newly entering the Thai market can immediately build a stable ICT platform. These services can also be used for disaster risk mitigation measures or to enable business systems to accommodate wide fluctuations in demand. These services can also be used when customers in Thailand upgrade their existing systems or consolidate their servers.

The service provides both flexible IaaS that can be tailored to the unique characteristics of a customer’s business, as well as highly versatile business applications loaded with roughly 10 types of SaaS, including mail service and ERP service, in an IaaS environment.

Fujitsu says the service allows the provision of resources in as little as five business days so customers can quickly get access to the ideal amount of resources they need.

For its virtualization platform and operational methods, the service uses the design approach and processes that Fujitsu has fine-tuned in Japan and Singapore. All of the latest technologies needed in a cloud, including the datacenter, products, virtualization, and migration, are all delivered at the highest levels in a vertically integrated manner.