Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST enables real-time decision making on SAP HANA

Fujitsu has become the first vendor to enable real-time decision making for large-scale SAP ERP application databases on the SAP HANA platform.

The new PRIMEQUEST high-end servers are part of a technology evaluation program for next-generation x86 servers and are capable of holding databases of up to 12 terabytes in memory.

The new program was announced at the Fujitsu forum 2013 in Munich.

Fujitsu executive vice-president, product, system, technology and channel, Hans-Dieter Wysuwa, said the new technology provided high levels of performance.

“With this new server we are now providing you, our customers, for the first time, with the real mission-critical infrastructure that you need to safely and securely run mission critical applications in memory,” he said.

“The system is already installed at our customer centre and the system will be shipped from 2014 onwards. We will ready to ship some test systems from December onwards.

Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST mission-critical RAS (reliability, availability and serviceability) servers are feature technology evaluation systems that can scale up to four times current limits.

Fujitsu claims companies evaluating the technology will gain a competitive advantage, thanks to the increase in business velocity from running mission-critical ERP systems in-memory.

With databases held in memory instead of on disk, benefits include powerful analytics, real-time decision-making and alternative scenario modelling.

Fujitsu senior vice-president, product development group, international business, Jens-Peter Seick said making decisions in real time could mean the difference between winning and losing.

“Fujitsu is ahead of the market,” he said. “We are announcing a technology evaluation program which offers organisations an opportunity to gain significant competitive advantage, by safely running SAP ERP applications in real-time on SAP HANA.”