Gain the speed to lead with the VSPEX data backup booster

With data being the lifeblood of business, the way a company handles backup and recovery and manages its data and information can clearly accelerate or disrupt its business transformation and growth plans.

Through product innovation and vision, EMC is helping companies accelerate the transformation of legacy backup processes so that they can realize broader IT and business objectives sooner and position themselves for the future.

Here are 5 top reasons why the EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure – built on EMC’s award-winning VNX unified storage systems and Avamar and Data Domain next-generation backup and recovery solutions – delivers a data backup and recovery booster for mid-size growing businesses.

1. It is speedy

Businesses can keep pace with data growth and the demands of virtualization. EMC VSPEX’s VNX backup, for instance, reduces backup times by 90%; and speeds recoveries by 30x for virtualized applications running on VMware. Additionally, EMC transforms network attached storage (NAS) protection with fast, daily full deduplicated backups via Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) – all without the recurring level-0 dumps that can take days.

2. It ensures recovery every time

EMC VSPEX is designed to ensure data integrity, with end-to-end verification, continuous fault detection and self-healing. This eliminates disk errors or corruption and ensures reliable recovery every time.

3. It delivers smarter recovery

EMC backup software automatically detects and repairs corrupted data blocks without recovering an entire database, and enables administrators to roll back to a recovery point without wasting time having to manually apply logs.

4. It delivers value and cost savings

The EMC VSPEX solutions are designed to shorten time needed to install the backup client, set the backup groups and policies, configure the networks and assign capacity. This frees the IT team to focus on higher-value, strategic tasks. Further, EMC’s industry-leading deduplication reduces backup storage requirements by 10x to 30x and time spent on backup administration by 81%, leading to a 7-month payback on average.

5. It is simple and flexible

Implementing EMC’s backup architecture for the performance, flexibility and scale to support today’s data challenges is both simple and affordable. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, customers can choose the backup and data protection options that fit their company size and their data and application availability requirements – without having to rip and replace anything.

The EMC VSPEX solutions is driven by the following leading-edge backup and recovery solutions:

  • The Data Domain DD 2500 and DD 4200 systems
    These new mid-range systems deliver the performance and scalability to cost-effectively consolidate all backup and archive data onto a single, easy-to-manage data protection platform. These new midrange systems are up to 4x faster and 10x more scalable than the existing Data Domain systems they replace.
  • EMC Avamar 7
    As part of the EMC Data Protection Suite, this solution facilitates fast daily backups for virtual environments, remote offices, NAS servers and client computers. Using variable-length deduplication, it significantly reduces backup time by only storing unique daily changes while maintaining daily full backups for immediate, single-step restore. VMware administrators can use the VMware vSphere Web Client to manage Avamar backup and recovery directly from a familiar interface.
  • VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced
    This backup and recovery solution for VMware virtual machines is fully integrated with VMware vCenter Server and VMware vSphere Web Client. It delivers fast, efficient backup and recovery for vSphere virtual machines by intelligently selecting the method – full image restore or recovery leveraging Changed Block Tracking (CBT) – for the fastest virtual machine recovery time.

Proven speed to lead

“Previously, Great Western Bank struggled just to meet backup and recovery SLAs, and still worried about our ability to recover data and systems in a fashion that carried no impact to our business in the event of a disaster,” says Mike Strenge, senior vice president of IT at US-based Great Western Bank. “EMC’s data protection solutions alleviated those most basic concerns, and have additionally enabled the IT team to take a strategic role in the bank’s aggressive acquisition objectives.

“The flexibility and choice that come with EMC’s suite of integrated software and hardware solutions gives us the opportunity to architect our data protection strategy without having to choose from a set of compromises.”