Gamurai hosts app for hairstyling industry in cloud

Singapore-based technology startup Gamurai Technologies has made the decision to host a web app targeted at hair salon businesses in the cloud.

The app, named VEON@HairExperience (VEON) is a SaaS suite that aims to help hair salons increase productivity by streamlining the front-end customer experience with back-end business operational needs.

VEON includes a hairstylist tool that allows customers to virtually try on different hairstyles in 3D; a branch manager tool that tracks branch sales, inventory and performance; and a company management tool that provides a consolidated view of operations across multiple branches.

Gamurai chose to host VEON in the Microsoft’s Azure platform for a number of reasons, chief of which concerned the firm’s ability to potentially expand overseas in a rapid fashion. Gamurai had also been part of Microsoft’s BizSpark programme supporting entrepreneurship, and received monthly credits towards the use of Microsoft offerings, including US$5,000 a month worth of credits toward Azure usage.

“As a startup, we hope to one day be able to expand regionally and then globally. Prior to signing up with Microsoft BizSpark, we did not have a partner that allowed us to scale locally and globally. With a total of 19 Azure regions open for business, it will allow us to scale rapidly, in terms of volume and geography,” said Woo Sze Ming, Founder of Gamurai. “Developing on Microsoft Azure also reduced the technical limitations we faced when developing our application and helped us go-to-market in a shortened timeframe.”

Gamurai is now focused on deploying VEON to customers in Singapore, and is now being deployed in six salons locally. The team has also started to expand its technology to support virtual try-ons of eyewear, and is also exploring the development of more try-on technologies, including cosmetics.