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Sunday, June 25th, 2017


Gemalto launches access management and identity protection service

Gemalto has launched SafeNet Trusted Access, an access management and identity protection service, to secure cloud and on premise applications. With SafeNet Trusted Access, a user can log on once to access all approved applications, as defined by the policy for that application.

"The adoption of cloud apps is fast becoming mainstream. Yet IT teams lag in their ability to effectively manage and restrict access to these apps and offer their employees the convenience they expect. With SafeNet Trusted Access, IT Managers can set scenario-based policies linked to associated risk factors and implement step up authentication for a particular application or group of users, depending on the level of sensitivity and role," said Francois Lasnier, Senior Vice President of Authentication Products at Gemalto. "We built this newest addition on the expertise and success of the award winning SafeNet Authentication Service to support our customers as they migrate their enterprise workflows into the cloud. We designed this next-generation MFA and Cloud SSO platform with the goal of making it easier for IT to align security with business processes."

Gemalto's SafeNet Trusted Access features built-in integration templates making it easy for companies to add new and existing cloud applications as needed. Companies benefit from a broad range of Gemalto's stronger authentication methods and form factors such as one-time-passwords and biometrics

Scenario-based policies define access controls, assess whether a login attempt is secure, apply the appropriate level of authentication and require additional security measures when necessary. A single pane of glass gives visibility into all access events streamlining security audits, tracking and help desk requests like password resets

IT can ensure compliance with relevant legislation and standards using the solution's data driven insights on user behavior, access events and policy enforcement.