Growth in data leading firms to the cloud: Barracuda Networks

As data continues to grow, Barracuda Networks expects this to continue driving traditional usage of in-house file sharing toward the Cloud.

A/NZ country manager at the networking vendor, Mike Romans, said many observers had dubbed this the “era of personal Cloud” and it will extend to business over time.

“We’ve already observed business professionals getting frustrated with having a better IT infrastructure in their personal lives with the Cloud than they have at work,” he said.

Romans said the issue with the workplace is it may continue to struggle with keeping up with storage and data access needs.

Learning from the fall

Romans is seeing a different provider landscape and level of economics emerging from the continuing data growth.

The demise of San Diego-based provider of Cloud storage services, Nirvanix, late last year is one cautionary tale he points to.

“It is one example of a change in the landscape where a stronger vertical integration across application, platform and underlying storage will be critical,” Romans said.

As customers move their workloads into the Cloud, Romans expects they will look into further deployment of virtual security and networking appliances in the Cloud.