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Sunday, May 28th, 2017


Helping deliver the Seamless Digital Life Experience to users

IBM, Box to provide enterprises with option to store data regionally in Europe and Asia

On the heels of their “Always On” Availability they touted on the first day of VeeamOn 2017 in New Orleans, Veeam’s second day keynote covered end-users and how they wanted the confidence of knowing that their information was available whenever and wherever they needed it.

This Seamless Digital Life Experience, as Veeam calls it, is central to the solutions announced on the day to help enterprises ensure ‘Always-On Cloud’ Availability in a multi-Cloud and hybrid Cloud environment.  

Peter McKay, Veeam’s co-CEO and President said that technology is so embedded in our lives that we are not sure what to do if it isn't available. “The need for data and applications to be always on is now mission critical for companies,” he said, adding that a poor user experience was as bad as no user experience.

This point was echoed by Veeam customer Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.

“Our number one priority is delivering exceptional guest experiences, and we cannot begin to contemplate having critical services off-line, such as our bars or the casino floor,” said Kevin Ragsdale, Director of IT for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. “Whether guests are listening to live music, playing slots, eating in our restaurants, attending conventions, relaxing by the pool or shopping in our boutiques, our mission is to ensure their experiences are stellar.  Veeam gives us the peace of mind of knowing that if anything does happen across our infrastructure, we are able to resume services in mere minutes. This a quantum leap forward in terms of performance compared to what we were used to. We are able to successfully deliver to our guests seamless experience they have come to expect.”

Steven Hill, a Senior Storage Analyst with 451 Research said, “The freedom offered by hybrid, multi-cloud IT environments carries a new set of challenges when it comes to protecting, managing and monitoring business applications that run outside the classic datacenter, Next-generation DR/BC solutions need to go beyond basic data protection to help insure the continuous Availability of the underlying services that cloud-based applications now depend upon.”

Ensuring the seamless digital life

Veeam Availability Suite delivers a fundamentally new kind of solution by providing:

  • Non-Stop Business Continuity to deliver user confidence that their Digital Life will be available when, where and how they want it. Instantly recover – cross-cloud anything to anywhere.  Backup, replication and continuous data protection (CDP) for Multi-Cloud or Hybrid Cloud environment wherever it is: private, public, managed or SaaS;
  • Digital Transformation Agility provides easy, secure and reliable cross-cloud data management and migration. Choose your Cloud, your way. Veeam delivers a software-defined, hardware and cloud agnostic platform so you can adapt to user requirements as they change;
  • Analytics and Visibility with actionable insights for data management, operational performance and compliance across your entire infrastructure.  Enterprises can now monitor, analyze and act with confidence.  Veeam and its ecosystem of partners provide robust data analytics and discovery, simplified data management, workflow automation and more. 

Veeam Availability Suite v10

Veeam Availability Suite v10 drives business continuity and agility to new levels by extending the ‘Always on Cloud’ Availability Platform to manage and protect:

Physical servers and Network Attached Storage (NAS);

  • Tier-1 applications and mission-critical workloads with NEW Veeam CDP (continuous data protection), bringing recovery SLAs of seconds using continuous replication to the private or managed cloud;
  • Native object storage support, freeing up costly primary backup storage with policy-driven automated data management to reduce long term retention and compliance costs. This includes broad cloud object storage support with Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Microsoft Azure Blob and any S3/Swift compatible storage.
  • With v10, Veeam offers a complete end-to-end Availability and cross-cloud data management platform for enterprise customers by supporting any workloads (virtual, physical or cloud) on any infrastructure in Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments (private, public, managed or SaaS).

Veeam CDP leverages VMware vSphere API for IO Filtering to allow setting policies to drive SLAs down to seconds using continuous replication to the cloud.

“Veeam CDP delivers that continuous data protection for end users,” said John Metzger, Veeam’s VP of Product Marketing, “Customers get CDP in seconds, 15 seconds or lower. It’s a key initiative for us, which fills a major need in the market.”

Additional major enhancements to Veeam Availability Suite include:

  • Veeam Availability for AWS
  • Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows
  • Extended Veeam ‘Always-On Cloud’ Availability Platform