Hillstone Networks unveils new next-gen firewall

Hillstone Networks has unveiled iNGFW 4.0, the company’s Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall solutions that provide continuous monitoring and protection of network traffic from perimeter down to server protection.

iNGFW 4.0 builds upon Hillstone’s existing solution with rich forensic evidence, enhanced threat detection efficacy, automatic mitigation, and a cloud analytics platform with two-way feedback and communication.

iNGFW 4.0 correlates and maps events into the 7 Steps of the kill chain providing analysts with detailed analysis and insight into how and why the attacks occurred, and ultimately, how they can be prevented from reoccurring.

The new firewall also helps administrators take proper and timely action by providing visibility into confidence level, severity, and geo-location of threats, as well as advanced threat search features based on combo conditions with information aggregation or filtering.

The iNGFW 4.0 also features advanced threat detection engines or algorithms with a high detection rate on machine generated domains and encrypted channel identification, and a server protection feature.

Another feature is automatic mitigation. This mechanism comes with pre-defined templates to manually block and/or slow down sessions or reduce bandwidths.

Finally, the iNGFW 4.0 features a fine-tuned model pushed down to the iNGFW which has automatic daily uploads to the cloud of suspicious events detected by the Advanced Threat Detection engine, as well as black and white listing updated daily based on the result of in-depth analysis by experts.