Hong Kong travelers among the least willing to forgo personal privacy for additional security at airports

Hong Kong residents are among the least willing to forgo personal privacy in exchange for additional aviation security measures, according to new global research released today by Unisys.

The Unisys Security Index™ research found that of the 11 nations surveyed, Hong Kong residents rank second lowest in their support for a range of aviation security initiatives such as full body scans, biometric identification procedures, or access to private information. Only Mexico scored lower in the survey.

The global findings follow renewed debate about the introduction of full body scanners, in response to recent aviation security incidents, including the thwarted attack on a transatlantic jet on Christmas Day 2009.

Overall, the new Unisys research shows the majority of air travelers in other countries are willing to undergo additional security procedures designed to make security even tighter. Following is the global data from the Unisys research:

  US UK Germany The Netherlands Belgium Spain

Full Body Scan

65% 90%    64% 81% 66% 61%
57% 91%   70% 68%  57% 52%
Personal information 72% 94% 52% 71% 57% 69% 


  Brazil Mexico Australia New Zealand Hong Kong
Full Body Scan 65% 24% 70% 66% 47%
59% 31% 68% 67% 44%
Personal information 53% 15%   77% 75% 44%