Hong Kong’s HKSTP and BEC embark on sustainability journeys

The Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and the Business Environment Council Limited (BEC) have embarked on energy management initiatives to help realize their goals of sustainability.

The deployment of Schneider Electric Energy Management Solutions by HKSTP provides its tenants and the public with visibility into energy usage to drive behavioral change under its first green lease initiative, whilst BEC’s installation of an energy-efficient oil-free chiller drives significant energy savings of up to 25%.

“Cities represent 50% of the world’s population, contributing to 75% of energy consumption and 80% of carbon emissions worldwide. In Hong Kong, buildings account for about 90% of the territory-wide energy usage. The key to transforming Hong Kong into a smarter and more sustainable city therefore lies in improving energy efficiency of buildings,” says Rerina Or, President of Schneider Electric Hong Kong. “The two recent deployments by HKSTP and BEC demonstrate the impact which simple energy-efficient solutions can bring to buildings.”

HKSTP Gains Visibility into Energy Usage for a Greener Future

To promote a green and sustainable workplace for its tenants in Phase 3 of the Hong Kong Science Park, HKSTP introduced a green lease to encourage tenants to consume energy more efficiently. This innovative green initiative is made possible by Schneider Electric’s cloud-based Energy Management Solutions, which gives all tenants in Phase 3 greater visibility and a better understanding of their energy consumption for smarter control and management.

Energy Management Solutions by Schneider Electric enables HKSTP to monitor the energy performance of each building in Phase 3 as well as the energy consumption within a tenant’s area. For the first time, tenants are able to access their dedicated webpage with rich 3D visuals to measure and monitor how energy is being used in a real-time manner, and see any abnormal patterns of energy consumption and wastage.

The system’s cloud-based feature also enables tenants to view data about their energy consumption anytime, anywhere on their own devices, and handles analysis and reporting in a most effective way. Additionally, the Public Kiosks in every foyer of the buildings in Phase 3 allow the public to compare benchmarks and performance levels between the buildings.

HKSTP’s deployment, supported by Schneider Electric, marks a strategic step towards driving behavior changes among tenants for a greener and more sustainable workplace.

Kevin Edmunds, Senior Manager, Sustainability, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, says, “Using our green lease to encourage tenants to consume energy more efficiently not only represents the forward thinking of HKSTP in creating a sustainable and low-carbon workplace, but also acts as a showcase for the community at large. This innovative solution is the critical success factor here, and partnering with Schneider Electric gives us peace of mind in embarking upon this journey toward sustainability. Our tenants have already given us very positive feedback on the energy-monitoring system. We look forward to fully utilizing Schneider Electric Energy Management Solutions, as well as identifying ways to enhance energy efficiency with the advice and expertise of Schneider Electric, as we move closer to a low-carbon office working environment.”