How tripled its website traffic, a leading online design curator based in Hong Kong, has grown its business 100% year-over-year, using Rackspace’s dedicated hosting to support its e-commerce operations.

Since inception in November 2010, BuyMeDesign has used Rackspace’s Magento platform, an open-source e-commerce platform, to support its online shop and design blog, which spotlights emerging designers, sells their products and links them to international buyers. Beginning with the deployment of Rackspace’s public cloud to host its website, BuyMeDesign quickly grew and transitioned to dedicated hosting to support its vast growth and increased website content. With Magento in place, BuyMeDesign enjoys maximized uptime, faster page loading and rapid scalability.

“When starting BuyMeDesign four years ago, our top priority was to build a premium online experience for our customers – one built on speed and availability. Given Hong Kong customers are more reticent to shop online, it was critical that we created a seamless buying experience that matched or heightened the traditional, physical shopping experience,” said Florence Coirier Giraudon, Founder of BuyMeDesign. “With Rackspace’s Magento platform which provides 99.999% uptime, we’ve been able to do just that.”                                                                                             

Since the deployment of Magento, BuyMeDesign’s website traffic has tripled to over 60,000 customer visits a month and over one million visits per year. On top of this, Magento’s dedicated infrastructure for managing day-to-day traffic, has enabled BuyMeDesign to effectively manage traffic spikes during peak times and support customers across the United States, Europe and Asia.

“When starting a website, especially in the e-commerce industry, it’s crucial to make the right investments in the user interface and security, ensuring the customer experience is simple, quick and secure. Many small businesses fail to evaluate their IT infrastructure and website readiness when starting their business and in turn, cannot support future growth, traffic spikes or new website content,” said Ajit Melarkode, Managing Director of Rackspace Asia Pacific. “BuyMeDesign, on the other hand, exemplifies how a Small and Medium sized business should start an online business. From day one, BuyMeDesign thought through what services and solutions needed to be implemented to achieve success.”

As a startup, it was important for BuyMeDesign to find a technology solution that allowed it to keep IT costs to a minimum while also providing IT infrastructure that met its specifc need around e-commerce, as opposed to a one-size-fits all solution. Moreover, finding a solution that could provide twenty-four-seven technical support was also pivotal for its business.

“One element that Rackspace offered compared to other providers was its Fanatical Support. Given that we don’t have an in-house IT team, Rackspace’s round-the-clock IT expertise and immediate customer support has been paramount to helping us with IT questions and problems, enabling BuyMeDesign to achieve optimum performance for our customers,” said Giraudon.