How Midland Realty translated its mobility vision into reality

According to a global survey commissioned by Citrix, 71 percent of enterprises believe mobility is a top priority for their business and 63 percent believe it to be the greatest factor in helping their organization gain a competitive advantage. Approximately half of the organizations surveyed have implemented technologies to support mobile devices. The survey suggests that organizations are increasingly recognizing the need to provide Windows apps and desktop to mobile workers.

Nowhere are the benefits of enterprise mobility clearer than in Hong Kong’s highly competitive property brokerage market, where a series of high-profile government cooling measures has tempered the outlook for the sector. By its nature, the industry has a large number of agents who need to be productive on-the-move. Midland Realty is Hong Kong’s only publicly-listed property agency, with a network of 300 branches, staffed by a team of 4,000 agents. The company recognized the need for an efficient and cost-effective way to support its mobile employees and has chosen Citrix to help it to translate its mobile enterprise vision into reality.

One of the key drivers of the mobility strategy was the “Bring Your Own Device” phenomenon (BYOD).  So many staff were using their personal smartphones and tablets for work-related tasks that Midland Realty was convinced of the need to manage this trend and harness the productivity benefits while safeguarding company information. In common with around 40 percent of global companies in the Citrix global research, Midland Realty has chosen application and desktop virtualization as the most streamlined way to achieve those objectives.

“The mobility features that Citrix offers represent a tremendous advantage for Midland Realty and our customers,” said Francis Fung, Chief Technology Officer, Midland Realty. “Our initial evaluation showed us how dramatically desktop virtualization could transform our operations. We were looking for a truly mobile enterprise infrastructure that offered significant productivity improvements to staff while protecting company data and reducing the burden on the IT department, and we look forward to working with Citrix to make this a reality.”

Desktop virtualization’s secure-by-design architecture will help Midland Realty to maintain security while providing users with the IT resources they need while on the road. Centralized application and data management will enable the IT department to provide secure access to anyone, anywhere, at a moment’s notice. If a device is lost, the company will be able to cut off access to confidential information immediately. Setting up new devices is equally simple, which will enable users to do it themselves, without the help of the IT department unless something unusual happens. This will boost the productivity of IT staff, who will be able to spend far less time troubleshooting users’ mobility issues.

“As a busy property agency with a large number of mobile staff, it makes perfect sense for Midland Realty to adopt desktop virtualization, and I’m delighted that their experience with Citrix has been so positive,” said Kenneth Chau, country manager, Hong Kong and Macau, Citrix. “Our research shows that the biggest barriers to mobility are a lack of security controls for new devices and clients; legacy systems unfit for mobile purposes; and challenges supporting multiple mobile operating systems. Midland Realty’s determination to realize its mobility vision is gradually enabling the company to overcome these challenges and I’m confident that their choice will be fully vindicated once our solution is rolled out more widely.”