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Thursday, May 23rd, 2019


How smart companies make mobility productive, simplify compliance: Page 2 of 2

“We have appreciated the SignNow team’s responsiveness to our feature requests, many which were added to SignNow in just a few days,” adds Mitchell. “This is especially important as we continue to increase the number of brokers and number of deals we’re working on daily.”

Protection plus accessibility

Copy also works with the Barracuda Message Archiver, which extends archiving capacity by moving or copying data to the Barracuda Cloud. Cloud archiving gives users access to email from any device, regardless if email services are available – a boost for capacity expansion and offsite disaster recovery.

Apart from Copy, the Message Archiver also integrates with corporate email systems such as Exchange 2013, Office 365 and Google Apps.

That means it offloads email storage, streamlines e-discovery and compliance needs, and gives users permissions-based access to any email message via Outlook 2013, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

“Barracuda’s approach to the cloud not only helps ensure our data is protected from a disaster, but also provides excellent accessibility to our workforce,” says Shawn Evans, IT manager at SaulsCare, a US-based healthcare organization that deployed Message Archiver.

Protection plus availability

To reduce organization data to a fraction of its original volume and manage the flow of new data needing storage, the Barracuda Message Archiver works with Barracuda Backup to eliminate duplicate data and compress them before storage.

Barracuda Backup recently added features such as local control to enable operation and management in private “dark” environments without sending data to the cloud; faster recovery times with granular recovery of Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines without the need to restore the VM; and support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014. 

Barracuda backup appliances offer up to 2TB of usable storage and they can be purchased as an appliance with subscriptions, or under Barracuda’s Backup-as-a-Service plan.

Protection plus information management

Meanwhile, Barracuda’s acquisition of C2C Systems has added capabilities to eliminate risks associated with distributed PST files, reduce e-discovery overhead via information management and early investigation, and support information management and governance initiatives via extended retention management policies.

These solutions are key elements of Barracuda Networks’ Data Protection Plus strategic initiative to make it easier for end users to rapidly access, retain and share critical information.

“Today’s modern workplace is more virtualized, cloud enabled and mobile. One of IT’s biggest challenges is to ensure business applications are up and running – promoting application availability, productivity and collaboration – often with limited time and resources,” says Rod Mathews, general manager of Storage at Barracuda. “Protecting the modern workplace demands a new way of thinking.”

For organizations migrating applications and storage or email infrastructure to the cloud, Barracuda also offers its Barracuda Web Application Firewall and NG Firewall on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Windows Azure cloud platform. Its Spam Firewall is available on AWS too.

The Barracuda infrastructure can be managed from a single browser window through the Barracuda Cloud Control management interface.

This is a QuestexAsia feature commissioned by Barracuda Networks.