HR consultant Gemini Personnel employs data protection and disaster recovery solution from FalconStor

HR consultant Gemini Personnel has completed the deployment of a data protection and automated disaster recovery system to ensure continuous business operations.

In just two days, the company deployed FalconStor Continuous Data Protector (CDP) solution with RecoverTrac automated disaster recovery (DR) technology.

Founded in 1983, Gemini Personnel focuses on talent recruitment, candidate assessment, human resources consultancy and support services. As a member of the U.S.-based National Personnel Associates Network, Gemini Personnel’s services span the globe. In addition to its Hong Kong office, Gemini Personnel also has offices in mainland China cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, as well as in Bangkok and Singapore.

Thousands of clients’ files, email messages, databases, graphics and website content need a reliable and secured daily backup and fast recovery capabilities for data and critical IT services whenever needed.

Gemini Personnel’s IT department, based in its Hong Kong office, is staffed by only three members, including IT Manager Wilson Chien. Already familiar with the concept of how a continuous data protection system works, the company evaluated solutions available in the market and selected FalconStor CDP software.

“Backup is now practically immediate with the FalconStor CDP solution, which performs backup by means of taking regular data snapshots,” said Chien. “Data recovery is fast and efficient, and we can ensure data recovery points from any given moment in time to continue working. This solution saves us time, manpower resources and costs, and it is very easy to setup and use. We had it up and running live within two days, which includes system installation, configuration, testing and deployment.”

Gemini Personnel also has leveraged the RecoverTrac automated DR functionality of the FalconStor CDP solution for their DR drill.

“With our disaster recovery procedure scripted in advance, anyone in the IT department can now perform a system recovery correctly,” said Chien. “This eliminates potential human and procedural errors in a manual operation and allows for even faster and assured recovery.”

The FalconStor CDP system gives customers ongoing data availability through continuous and comprehensive backup, remote replication and rapid automated disaster recovery.

With up to 1,000 snapshots per logical unit number (LUN), a customer can set as many recovery points as they need to back up files, email messages, applications and system software to meet the best recovery time objective (RTO) and support business requirements.

“In Gemini Personnel’s case, we worked directly and closely in partnership with Maxco, one of our Preferred Business Partners, to tailor a backup and disaster recovery system that met the customer’s particular business needs and operations,” said James Ho, country manager for Hong Kong and Macau for FalconStor.