Huawei rolls out enterprise cloud strategy in Asia Pacific

Huawei has revealed its latest enterprise service strategy designed to support companies undergoing cloud transformation in Asia Pacific. The enterprise cloud strategy will focus on four key areas including cloud innovation, creating a digital platform, supporting smart operations and enabling businesses.

As enterprises embrace digital transformation, they will face a new set of challenges across strategy, planning, requirement analysis, business integration, application system evaluation, technology selection, roadmap design, deployment, operations & maintenance (O&M) management, and information security.

Cementing the company’s commitment to becoming an industry cloud enabler and strategic partner to enterprises in Asia Pacific, Huawei is investing USD500 million globally in the development of cloud-based professional services, a cloud platform and cloud ecosystem. This will provide customers with end-to-end cloud transformation service solutions enabling them to build, use, and manage their cloud platforms effectively.

To drive this strategy forward, Huawei will continue to increase its investment in the development of service solutions and Global Service Centers (GSC), as well as tools, platforms and verification labs for professional services. In the next five years, Huawei will also focus on research and development of industry clouds, increasing their annual investment by more than 50 per cent.

Additionally, to meet enterprise demand for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) talent in the cloud era, Huawei will provide a new certification scheme to train ICT architects, ICT developers and industry-specific ICT experts. By 2021, it is estimated that more than 150,000 cloud and industry-specific ICT professionals will have been certified by Huawei.

Huawei has made strategic investments and works with partners to build a cloud network that has global coverage, providing complete solutions that help Chinese companies go global, as well as help companies outside China enter the Chinese market.

One of these partners is Orange Business Services (OBS), who has launched a global public cloud offering together with Huawei, that includes consulting, auditing and managed services for cloud infrastructure and applications.

Named Flexible Engine, the new IaaS/PaaS platform is offered in combination with specialist support (‘Cloud Expert Services’) to assist enterprises in their migration to the cloud, featuring optional managed services to run applications. The suite of services will equip enterprises with the technology to digitally transform their business operations and support businesses in their expansion plans across China, Southeast Asia and Europe.

The services run on the strength of OpenStack technology, an open-source software platform for cloud computing. Open standards and interoperability are key to meeting the demands for large, scalable public cloud solutions by delivering economies of scale and avoiding the danger of propriety lock-in.

“Huawei and Orange Cloud Business jointly offering cloud services to our customers in the APAC region is a strategic move for both of our business. For customers looking at hybrid cloud services, OBS’ Flexible Engine offers agility in scaling up or down, and most importantly, customers can choose to have Huawei’s equipment when setting up their own private cloud environment,” said Lei Hui, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei International.

This latest offering extends Huawei’s global cloud portfolio, building on the successes of the partnerships with Deutsche Telecom and Telefonica. The growing network helps enterprises around the world in their digital transformation journey and is further proof of Huawei’s reliable and secure services to enterprises worldwide.