Huawei underscores commitment to accelerating enterprise network transformation

Huawei has introduced the new Agile Network and SDN-enabled S12700 series Agile Switches to the Southeast Asia and South Pacific markets at a company event themed “The Future is Now” in Singapore. Huawei shared insights on industry trends in the network and data center market, and underscored its commitment to accelerating enterprise network transformation for this region, with a focus on Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

The era of new information features an exponential growth of data that has made efficient utilization and management of network resources integral to the survival of enterprises large and small. As such, Huawei has been dedicated to developing and producing cost-effective ICT solutions that help enterprises enhance their network functionalities and enable smooth evolutions as technology evolves as well. By introducing the SDN-based, on-demand enterprise network architecture, Huawei aims to help organizations cope with unpredictable data traffic and navigate the challenges in an agile manner.

“The industry is seeing drastic changes driven by new technologies and trends, such as SDN, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Understanding this, Huawei focuses on offering innovative ICT solutions that help enterprise customers adapt to these changes as rapidly as possible,” said David Liu, Vice President of the South Pacific Solutions and Marketing at Huawei. “In this part of the world, which comprises a mix of emerging and developed markets, a key strategy is to work on customized and cost efficient solutions that help each organization optimize its network and boost business growth.”

As an important addition to Huawei’s enterprise product portfolio, the company announced its new Agile Network solutions, including the S12700 series Agile Switches, at the event. The product is part of Huawei’s Enterprise Networking Product Line, which provide the most complete portfolio of enterprise network products in the world and includes routers, switches, WLAN, network security, optical transmission, microwave, PON, as well as network management products.

Huawei’s Agile Network features the key attributes required to support new industry trends by bringing agile services and agile management together. In particular, the Agile Network helps introduce agile evolution to Software Defined Network (SDN) and into enterprise networks, which enables users to define forwarding models, actions, and search algorithms to promptly respond to various application demands. This helps enterprises achieve a more agile evolution of networks that would be equipped to address future challenges.

With a design that has been developed to enhance business services and user experiences, the Huawei S12700 switches support higher reliability and real-time trouble-shooting. Also featuring automatic network deployment and management, the S12700 series supports end-to-end (E2E) security collaboration with the flexibility for fast-changing agile services and full programmability. In addition, the S12700 switches are capable of high performance at low power consumption with Huawei’s self-developed Ethernet Network Processor (ENP) chip, the industry’s first cost-effective programmable chipset dedicated for Ethernet forwarding. The switches unify wired and wireless networks by providing native T-bit WLAN AC capabilities and unified user management. Huawei’s S12700 switches use the iPCA model, which can monitor network quality for any service flow at any network node, without additional penalty, and detects service interruptions within sub-second while identifying faulty ports accurately.

During the event, Huawei also shared case studies of its successful projects with financial and academic institutions, such as its work with the Shanghai Second Polytechnic University to enhance agile wire & wireless campus network, a data center built for Phoenix TV also in China, its work with the New South Wales Ambulance in Australia to enhance its first aid network and video communications network, and its project with an Australian mining company to transmit high definition images real time using an LTE surveillance system.

Huawei continues to work with governments and key industry players in the telecommunications, oil and gas, education and transportation industry verticals to foster close collaborations and address their unique business challenges with innovative ICT solutions.