Imation H300 portable hard drive can be managed from the cloud

Imation thinks it has come up with a solution to the problems enterprises and public sector organisations have when securing easily-lost portable storage – make drives remotely manageable from the cloud.

Given its target market, it goes without saying that the new IronKey Enterprise H300 is FIPS-140 level 3 compliant and comes with 1TB of capacity and USB 3.0. That means it has onboard AES 256-bit hardware encryption using the firm’s own secure Crytopchip architecture designed to resist key retrieval. 

The interesting innovation is that the features available in the firm’s IronKey Enterprise Management platform, normally used to manage storage devices inhouse, are now available through a cloud service. Admins can remotely disable lost drives, if necessary nixing the device completely using a feature of the Cryptochip. The console also eases the everyday chores of provisioning and de-commissioning.

Unusually, the H300 can also have a forgotten password reset without having to erase the drive’s contents. 

“Our products use the exclusive IronKey Cryptochip to store user credentials and the encryption keys to avert even the most persistent hackers from getting access to the encrypted content on the drive,” said Imation’s IronKey director of product management, Mats Nahlinder.

A basic version of the drive allows standalone use without the expense of the management console.

Imation also offers the same features available on the H300 on its range of enterprise Windows-to-Go flash drives

Both versions of the H300 can be bought now with pricing starting at £125 for the 500GB versions or £156 for the 1TB version. Management fees for IronKey Enterprise via the cloud start at £15 per year, per drive.

IronKey’s hardware division became part of Imation in 2011.