Indian school embraces cloud computing for its backup needs

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra (formerly called Agra University) caters to over 550,000 students across 550 affiliated colleges, and processes large amounts of data daily and relies heavily on its on-premise data centers which are typically costly to maintain. With the need to ensure business continuity and efficiency, the university’s IT department sought a flexible solution that would help them free up the on-premise infrastructure.

The 86 year old university addressed this concern by backing up its data onto the cloud, using BSNL IDC and Dimension Data’s Public Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS).

 “As a University that encourages innovation and changing with the times, it is important we walk the talk. Cloud is a computing model that is here to stay and the sooner we make the move, the more we can gain from it. We saw the need to significantly reduce the amount of time our IT staff spent on performing data backup and restoration and decided to leverage cloud computing” said BK Pandey, Registrar.

Self-service management and on-demand provisioning offered gave the University the convenience they needed. With BSNL Internet Data Centre (IDC) and Dimension Data’s CaaS, the university enjoys network security, load balancing and a dedicated virtual firewall at no additional cost.

BSNL IDC and Dimension Data, coming together as a single service provider was an important factor in the university’s selection of vendors. As research is a critical element at the university, data sovereignty and compliance were critical factors in securing a contract with the institute. BSNL IDC offers the university the assurance of data sovereignty with its data centres located in India, while Dimension Data’s Public CaaS is equipped with enterprise-class security and controls.

By using BSNL and Dimension Data’s Public CaaS, the university would enjoy 27 percent savings compared to existing on-premise backup. Self-service management and on-demand provisioning will offer the convenience that the university’s IT team seeks, to enable them to provide additional storage as required and drastically reduce management problems.

Dimension Data’s Managed Cloud Platform (MCP) has a high availability SLA on Public Cloud, which drastically reduces the frequent outages that the university faces in its existing data centre environment.