Indonesian Cloud service provider deploys in Equinix data center to meet demand

IndonesianCloud has expanded its cloud operations in Equinix’s partner data center, JK1 in Jakarta. Located in Cibitung Industrial Estate, Jakarta, JK1 meets IndonesianCloud’s most stringent data compliance requirements, positioning the company as the go-to choice for its highly data sensitive customer markets.

Cloud adoption is expected to experience unprecedented growth across Indonesia over the next few years. According to Gartner, the Indonesian cloud computing market is expected to see double-digit growth rates through 2016.

IndonesianCloud is a dedicated cloud service provider in Indonesia and also the largest cloud player within the enterprise market. The company provides a comprehensive suite of enterprise class cloud services, which are engineered to adhere with global standards, yet be deployed and managed locally to meet domestic demands.

“As our customers deal with mission critical and confidential corporate assets and information on a daily basis, we needed to ensure that their data is stored in the most reliable, most secure data center environment possible. Equinix enables us to become the only cloud provider in Indonesia that meets these strict requirements,” said Neil Cresswell, CEO, IndonesianCloud.

With Equinix, IndonesianCloud can provide significant value to its customers and is able to leverage premium data center services to cater to the financial services and government enterprise segments.

“The emergence of stricter banking and data compliance rules across Indonesia and the enterprise has increased the demand for a secure data center environment. With Equinix, IndonesianCloud is able to meet these requirements and offer premium data center services to its customers,” said Clement Goh, managing director, Equinix South Asia. “IndonesianCloud will also have access to our robust platform that includes more than 4,500 customers, allowing the company to expand its global reach in a reliable and highly connected business ecosystem.”

The deployment within Platform Equinix also allows IndonesianCloud to fuel its expansion strategy and accelerate its business growth across the country, to further propel it as a leading cloud provider within the enterprise space.

IndonesianCloud’s customers operate within industries that have strict regulations and face many data security requirements. Equinix was the preferred choice as it enables IndonesianCloud to be more nimble and provide disaster recovery services that duplicate its customer processes to provide business continuity.

“As a cloud provider, you are expected to have multiple data centers. This is especially so when talking to enterprise customers, who are always looking to buy a service with a two data center strategy in place,” added Cresswell. “This new data center deployment with Equinix has not only helped expand our disaster recovery solutions by providing us with a second data center, but also enabled us to provide high connectivity and premium data center services for our customers.”