InfoPrint Mailroom Integrity helps cut data privacy compromises

InfoPrint Solutions Company, a joint venture between IBM and Ricoh, recently introduced a cost-effective product that automates mailroom printing and insertion workflow to maintain customer data privacy and confidentiality.

“The InfoPrint Mailroom Integrity solution focuses on the output management phase [of the document lifecycle],” said Lim Joo Khai, the Software & Services leader for the Asia-Pacific region at InfoPrint, a global solutions integrator.

“[We offer] another solution – the Mapping Suite which helps you to pull relevant information and compose the layout of the document,” Lim added. “[In a fully automated mailroom], [these multi-page composed documents] have to be sorted and if applicable, marketing collaterals have to be inserted. Then, the documents are folded and placed into envelopes for mailing out.”

“This may seem trivial but if you print in high volumes, the risk of errors is high,” he pointed out. “You do not want your customer, for example, to receive someone else’s billing statement. This becomes a serious compromise of customer’s confidential information.”

Such compromises naturally translate to negative brand impact and costly damage to the organization’s reputation.

Mailroom Integrity reduces errors by streamlining the print and mail process. It sorts and tracks documents in real time by matching the bar-code containing the customer’s information printed on each page of the documents with that on the corresponding envelope. Even in folding, if a page is crumpled by accident, a reprint can be automatically initiated based on the bar code, according to Lim.

Melding automated reprint technology and robust document management capabilities, Mailroom Integrity is positioned as a standardized product that serves operations of all sizes. It is part of InfoPrint’s Automated Document Factory (ADF) suite of products.

ADF controls, manages and automates the end-to-end output management process including sorter optimization, automated reprints, a centralized Intelligent Mail Barcode utility and a centralized and automated process management tool.

The ADF solution is built on the InfoPrint Process Director (IPPD) configurable output process management system. The system’s standard programming interfaces allows print houses to add new features and third-party programs as the requirements of each output evolve.

With the IPPD, Mailroom Integrity can be integrated with features such as a robust document re-engineering tool, inserter support and a data stream indexer. So, apart from document-level control and tracking, the solution is packaged with vendor-neutral inserter management and fully auditable reports that can confirm every document is mailed accurately.

“This works with the Infoprint’s [printers] but our software integrates with specialized third-party inserter and sorter hardware from vendors such as Pitney Bowes,” said Lim. “We do not manufacture the [post-press process] hardware which also include binding and laminating.”

“Our emphasis is not on hardware but on integrating hardware, software and services as an end-to-end solution to the customer, regardless of the hardware platform,” added Lim.