Is your company ready for the rampant growth of e-commerce?

With rampant growth of e-Commerce in countries such as China, India, Japan and South Korea , the Asia-Pacific region is set to become the leading region for e-Commerce globally. By 2018, this region is expected to generate sales of US$1,892 billion regionally and US$3,015 globally. Countries such as Malaysia and Philippines are witnessing the strongest growth while China and Korea will command the highest sales through e-Commerce as found in a recent Frost & Sullivan study.

However, this rapidly evolving landscape is beset with its own set of challenges, the major one being IT infrastructure. Research by Frost & Sullivan shows that the slow loading time of Web pages is one of the main reasons why customers move from one e-Commerce company to another. Even a delay of a single second creates customer dissatisfaction and pushes the customer to choose another e-Commerce player to meet their needs. To maintain high Web performance at all times, e-Commerce players should invest in efficient and reliable infrastructure.

Successful e-commerce solutions

Top e-Commerce companies globally use various technologies and solutions to provide a fast and reliable shopping experience for their customers, irrespective of the device used. One of the most successful solutions in the market today is Content Delivery Network or CDN. A CDN solution improves user experience with efficient network resource utilisation ensuring faster Web page loading time with every customer click from anywhere in the world.

Through the implementation of CDN, e-Commerce merchants are able to boost their Web performance tremendously. For instance, one second of speed boost will increase sales by 3% per customer.

“e-Commerce is a fast growing industry in Asia Pacific with merchants across the world looking to expand in the region,” shared  HyunWook Cho, Country Manager, Qoo10 Indonesia.

“With the growing spending power of middle class consumers, more and more consumers are willing to make online purchases due to an increase in technology adoption. At Qoo10, we sell merchandise across fashion, beauty, healthcare, baby care, household, digital and mobile, food, and entertainment categories. Our customers order products not just from APAC but also from other global markets. We believe that CDN is an essential technology for our business to provide customers across the world with a superior online shopping experience.”

“Online consumer loyalty is much lower than that of traditional brick-and-mortar consumers,” added Jerry Chung, Country Manager/Head of Sales for SEA & Pacific, CDNetworks Singapore.

“In the digital world, consumers have little patience for poor e-Commerce and will abandon e-Commerce sites and un-bought shopping carts for better e-Commerce destinations with a more optimal user experience. Today, online consumers are demanding superior UI/UX and at speeds that keep them engaged,”

In the White Paper, “e-Commerce Retailers – The Next Billion $ Opportunity – Are We Ready?”, topics discussed include core issues and challenges faced by e-Commerce customers and how they can identify the appropriate CDN solution to provide seamless customer experience that is cost-effective, fast, reliable and efficient.

Through platforms or devices such as desktops, mobile phones or tablets, customers are able to engage in an ‘always-open online shopping experience’ from anywhere and at anytime. Hence, to stay relevant and retain their competitive edge, it is essential that e-Commerce retailers consider both flexibility and reliability when developing their platforms.