Ixia announces new network security test platform

Ixia  has announced CloudStorm 25GE, an extension of the CloudStorm network security test portfolio.  CloudStorm 25GE is the first cloud-scale, high density application delivery and network security test platform specially designed for hyperscale data centers, enterprises and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) adopting 25-Gigabit technology to satisfy growing bandwidth demands while ensuring high-quality application delivery and mitigating security risks.

An all encrypted world may not be far away. According to Gartner, “through 2019, more than 80% of enterprises’ web traffic will be encrypted.”1 The scale of traffic continues to grow at an exponential rate along with the move to cloud architectures and growth of IoT. To keep pace, network equipment manufacturers must develop solutions to meet these growing requirements, and hyperscale data center operators and enterprises are grappling with the need to strike the right balance between efficiency, performance and security.

CloudStorm 25GE is a new platform for testing converged multi-play services, application delivery, and network security. It helps NEMs shorten their development cycles, as well as enterprises and data center operators to mitigate security risks and deliver high end-user application performance.

“The growth of encryption combined with the development of greater Ethernet speeds requires test solutions that can support this evolution,” said Sunil Kalidindi, vice president of product management at Ixia. “The 25GE support on the CloudStorm platform offers network equipment manufacturers, enterprises and hyperscale data center operators the single unified verification tool they need to ensure that they can validate the performance of their products, services and infrastructure and serve their customers now and in the future.”

Built on an innovative architecture that allows concurrent generation of large-scale DDoS traffic and complex application emulation, and with embedded SSL hardware offload resources, CloudStorm delivers:

  • Line-rate SSL, DDoS, and mix of applications to help data center operators benchmark 25G-capable new-generation servers and network security architectures.
  • Cloud-scale Layer 4-7 application performance with fully integrated L2/3 stateless traffic support, for exercising the systems under test in real world conditions, enabling customers to easily identify performance and interoperability issues. 
  • High-performance encryption and compression support with hardware offload, ready for benchmark cloud-scale volume of SSL traffic.
  • Multi-rate support to future-proof investment — 100/50/40/25/10GE on a single port – to decrease capital expenditures, simplify management and reduce data center and pre-deployment lab costs for space, cooling and electricity.

CloudStorm is supported by Ixia’s BreakingPoint and IxLoad test solutions for application delivery and security resiliency testing.