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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019


Kaspersky Lab and ThreatConnect collaborate to help customers get a complete picture of the threat landscape

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Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds are now available for customers through the ThreatConnect Platform. By incorporating these feeds into the threat intelligence framework that they are already using, organizations will get a clearer picture of the threats that pose the most danger to them.

Threat Intelligence plays a critical role in corporate cybersecurity, allowing organizations to keep up with and act upon cybersecurity challenges that may affect them. According to a study by SANS Institute, more than 70% of respondents believed that by leveraging threat intelligence they achieved better visibility of attack scenarios. To help customers ensure they are prepared for the most relevant cyberthreats, Kaspersky Lab has partnered with ThreatConnect, Inc., provider of the extensible, intelligence-driven security platform.

By using the ThreatConnect Platform, companies can aggregate and compare threat intelligence data from numerous sources to protect themselves from evolving threats and mitigate company-specific cybersecurity risks.

Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds gives organizations the ability to gain insights from a range of varied and trustworthy sources.

These include the Kaspersky Security Network, the Botnet Monitoring service, spam traps, the deep web, along with other data about malicious objects that Kaspersky Lab has discovered over two decades of research.

This solution allows customers to stay vigilant about a wide scope of cyberthreats regardless of their origin. Combined with the ThreatConnect Platform, Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds expand a company’s ability to make timely and informed decisions on adversaries’ actions by accessing, comparing and analyzing threat data from multiple sources through a single framework.

This partnership allows customers to:

  • Collect first-hand information about emerging threats to pre-empt attacks and boost their defenses to prevent cybersecurity incidents
  • Improve their incident response and forensic capabilities
  • Strengthen their existing security controls with threat intelligence from Kaspersky Threat Data Feeds.

“Businesses need access to as many trustworthy sources of threat intelligence as possible to ensure that they are not missing the most relevant cyberthreats. We are excited to announce this collaboration with ThreatConnect. More than 1,600 companies worldwide use the ThreatConnect Platform to combat complex attacks. With this integration, they can easily utilize Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Feeds to enhance their protection capabilities,” says Sergey Martsynkyan, Head of B2B Product Marketing at Kaspersky Lab.

VP of Product at ThreatConnect, Andy Pendergast, said, “By making Kaspersky Labs intelligence data available in ThreatConnect, organizations are better able to build processes to identify the most relevant threats and proactively protect their network. This integration empowers security teams to be more strategic in responding to incidents in an efficient and measurable way.”