Korea’s TmaxSoft eyes Southeast Asian market with Big Data software

TmaxSoft, an enterprise software company based in Korea, has launched a new suite of Big Data solutions for data analysis, consolidation and integration for Southeast Asian customers.

TmaxSoft’s introduction of these solutions comes as the exponential growth of data places increasing pressure on existing IT infrastructures, thus making it critical for enterprises to have a system that integrates and analyzes the huge volumes of data.

Along with its flagship database management system (DBMS) TIBERO 6, TmaxSoft announced the launch of TIBERO AnyMiner, TIBERO DataHub and TIBERO ZetaData.

TIBERO 6 can integrate an existing database without modifying existing applications, thus offering maximum efficiency. TIBERO 6 was developed to meet the demand for massive data processing, and designed for large-scale operating environments by providing security, performance, scalability, as well as compatibility with other databases.

TIBERO AnyMiner is a platform that analyzes big data generated from various sources such as network devices, servers and applications. Analytics is done in real-time enabling organizations to obtain insights for decision-making and to prevent errors and complex security attacks.

TIBERO DataHub is a solution that searches, collects and processes distributed information without integrating physical databases. TIBERO ZetaData is a high capacity consolidated database management system that combines storage software with parallel processing technology.

Along with TIBERO 6, the three solutions form the ground for an efficient IT environment, enabling enterprises to efficiently manage collection and analysis of large volumes of data for threat detection and business intelligence, while providing scalable storage to accommodate both structured and unstructured Big Data. 

For the modern enterprise, Big Data poses a significant challenge to their business, due mainly to issues arising from insufficient storage capacities, inability to retrieve siloed data, and the absence of tools that can process and analyze the data to produce actionable intelligence.

Recognizing that enterprises are struggling to keep up with the demands of Big Data, TmaxSoft developed TIBERO Big Data suite including AnyMiner, DataHub and ZetaData to provide enterprises with better visibility and control over their data.

“Big Data has instituted among many enterprises an urgency to collect, analyze, and store data, both structured and unstructured. This urgency is a direct result of the valuable business intelligence which lies beneath all that data. But to get there, first you need a plan and the right tools to streamline the process,” said TmaxSoft Singapore managing director David Kim.

“Enterprises will need a strategy which considers data sources for extraction, data lifecycles, compatibility between different relational database management solutions (RDBMS), and scalable storage, among many other things. Our new solutions, developed to meet the demand for fast and innovative Big Data software, cover all these bases, which will accelerate the implementation and execution of these data-focused strategies,” Kim added.

In a recent event with IBM, TmaxSoft also announced to its partners and resellers a partnership with IBM, one in which TmaxSoft’s TIBERO 6 database will run on IBM’s Power8 hardware.

Kim said, “We have IBM on board as our business partner. Aside from collaborations in R&D activities, we will jointly address Big Data needs across enterprises. TmaxSoft looks forward to collaborating with IBM’s Hardware team in the future to bring better hardware and software solutions to the market.”