KTL Jewellery shifts to IP communication to cut cost, strengthen cross-border collaboration

KTL Jewellery, a manufacturer of integrated fine jewellery headquartered in Hong Kong, has appointed Dimension Data Hong Kong to deploy an IP-based unified communication solution to reduce overall communications costs, while improving employee productivity and increasing client satisfaction.
Previously, KTL relied on email and traditional PABX facilities for communication among mobile workers, office and factory employees and clients. This made it particularly challenging to facilitate interactive collaboration, as 50 per cent of the office-based employees are mobile workers who are often out meeting clients, attending exhibitions or visiting production facilities. This had an impact on productivity and also contributed to high communications overheads through overseas calls, roaming charges and conference call charges.
“With a globally expanding footprint, our success depends on our ability to engage with customers in the field while remaining connected and accessible to our factories and back office operations,” said Nelson Lau, General Manager, Group Information Technology and Project Management, KTL Jewellery. “We quickly realised that PABX systems were not cost effective for our business requirements. We needed a user-friendly solution that was scalable to cater to our growing business demands, as well as to provide seamless collaboration between different stakeholders in different locations.”
KTL wanted a solution that would integrate seamlessly with its existing network and communication infrastructure while enabling the company to harness instant messaging, conferencing and IP telephony. It also had to be easy to implement, steady and scalable, to keep pace with the company’s projected business growth without requiring significant additional investment. Dimension Data Hong Kong recommended Microsoft’s Lync Server 2010 as it addresses all of KTL’s needs.
“From the beginning, it was clear that unified communications (UC) was the answer to the challenges faced by KTL, but identifying the right technology was critical because of the diverse groups of stakeholders involved,” said Francis Pang, General Manager, Dimension Data Hong Kong. “UC will enable KTL to achieve increased productivity by streamlining day-to-day processes. The standardised interface for all communication will reduce the employee learning curve and also mitigate risks from human error associated with new technology.”
Dimension Data did an in-depth analysis of KTL’s global operations to understand how the new infrastructure would affect staff and other stakeholders. Following this, the team developed a phased approach to deployment which entailed integration with KTL’s existing infrastructure, testing, user training and migration to the new solution. The project was completed in two months; a month earlier than projected and a record time for a deployment of this scale and complexity.
“With unified communication, we are able to stay connected regardless of where we are at any given moment. For instance, we can now easily coordinate our meetings via Outlook’s scheduling function. This is just one example of the benefits that come from tight integration with Microsoft Office, which saves us time and unlocks employee productivity. Today, 40 per cent of our regular meetings are conducted via the Microsoft platform,” added Lau.