Lack of visibility into hybrid networks is greatest risk to enterprise security

While most businesses look outside their walls when assessing their cybersecurity stance, the greater risk to enterprise security is lack of visibility across hybrid network environments. With the traditional network perimeter erased by hybrid networking and an ever-growing mobile workforce, the ability to identify and mitigate threats has never been more vital.

To help enterprises address the often-overlooked threats within their networks, CenturyLink, Inc. is enhancing its Security Log Monitoring solution with correlated threat intelligence, new cloud security monitoring features and a real-time mobile application for rapid threat detection and response.

“Enterprises today cannot afford gaps in their ability to see and stop evolving cyberthreats,” said Christina Richmond, program vice president for IDC’s Security Services research practice. “It’s imperative they find the right balance between evaluating external threats and those that lurk within their internal ecosystems, including a myriad of network devices and cloud services.”

“Most businesses pay little mind to the security risks within their hybrid environments – from their premises and their cloud workloads to their remote employees,” said Chris Richter, vice president of global security services for CenturyLink. “Security Log Monitoring offers customers a single view into their dispersed network environments and delivers actionable intelligence to address internal threats without opening the floodgates of false positive alerts.”   

Security Log Monitoring recognizes hundreds of common log source types, including those from VPNs, firewalls, databases, cloud infrastructure and servers. The service offers complimentary log ingestion of up to 10 gigabytes per day, with additional ingestion capacity available through upgrades.

Extended log retention of up to seven years helps customers of Security Log Monitoring address industry and regulatory compliance requirements such as those of HIPAA, PCI and others. With Security Log Monitoring, customers have access to a robust library of advanced algorithms to feed actionable threat intelligence with fewer false positives.

Security Log Monitoring provides visibility into customers’ cloud environments, as well as the ability to rapidly identify misconfigurations or detect malicious use. CenturyLink’s Security Log Monitoring portal employs single-sign-on and support for multi-factor authentication, as well as an improved user interface with new dashboard functionality, intuitive search capabilities and enhanced visualization tools, such as an interactive threat map.

Security Log Monitoring is supported by CenturyLink’s seven global security operations centers.