Leveraging the Managed SD-WAN Services Advantage with the Leaders

Traditional networks are struggling to keep up with the demands of new IT delivery models across enterprises – from the widespread adoption of cloud services, ever-expanding SaaS/application traffic, the explosion of IoT devices and increasing reliance on mobility and big data.

Today, SD-WAN, with benefits of improved bandwidth economics, application prioritization, and centralized management, is reshaping the branch network architecture. Most organizations agree that SD-WAN is a top technology priority as they move to a cloud-based and centrally-managed IT model.

SD-WAN offers a much more flexible approach to networking, allowing enterprises to combine and configure multiple network technologies, and yet ensure performance, improved security, and lower costs.

Why Managed SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is deployed by creating an overlay over an enterprise’s existing network, making it more flexible without the expensive and time-consuming challenge of ripping and replacing existing connections. Many customers may think all that is required is the installation and configuration of SD-WAN devices at each enterprise location. Sounds simple, right?

SD-WAN, however, is not a ‘plug and play’ proposition and involves a detailed understanding of a company’s business objectives, existing network, infrastructure and applications. There are many different SD-WAN market solutions and they vary in scope. Some may only provide the routing devices designed to be installed at each enterprise location but leave it up to the enterprise to connect the boxes.

A D-I-Y approach adds complexity by making it difficult for the IT department to manage, maintain and support the network, while taking away valuable resources for strategic planning.

Enterprises need to invest in consulting expertise when embarking on an SD-WAN strategy. The best approach to an SD-WAN deployment is to see it as an end-to-end solution, which incorporates the entire network fabric, ensuring a seamless operation and support process.

The first step in the transformation process comprises a scoping consultation or assessment to understand the client’s physical network infrastructure and the utilization of their local connectivity. This information is essential in designing a scalable, modular network that will meet a business’ existing needs while allowing for future growth.

Network service providers have the advantage of a holistic view of the infrastructure and are well-placed to address cloud-to-cloud connectivity and application migration challenges and help enterprises transform their networks.

This exercise may also reveal insights to the existing physical network such as rightsizing it to cut costs or improve network performance to achieve the business objectives.

After designing and installing the overlay network, the service provider’s engineers can help the enterprise network administrators to create policies that support application performance requirements.

It is for such oversight and sensitivities that NTT Communications’ managed SD-WAN service is well placed to mask deployment complexity so globally distributed organizations will not have to cobble together a network comprising multiple regional providers without any clear accountability.

Leave it to the experts

When choosing a SD-WAN vendor, you’ll want to leave this to the experts. NTT Communications partners with Silver Peak, both industry leaders in their fields of expertise, to power its managed SD-WAN service together with its global network coverage that extends to over 190 countries worldwide.

NTT Communications was recognized by IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Service Providers 2018 assessment as one of the leading global telecommunications service providers in 2018. Gartner has identified Silver Peak as a leader in the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure.

With Silver Peak providing their underlying business-driven SD-WAN technology for NTT Communications managed SD-WAN services, integrated with the NTT Communications’ network supremacy and global outreach, the partnership is a recipe built for success.

Are you considering moving to a SD-WAN infrastructure but wond1ering how and where to begin?

Start by building the right approach for your business according to where you are in your digital transformation journey.

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